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Probably the best. You have a lot of fans there. Last time I went a couple of years ago. We have to go to pre season all the time. Be game over the weekend. Hosting chibas, we thought, chibas are not for real, right? They can not be digressed at el volcan. Wrong. This is the way the game started. El tiva sepulveda with a deflection and it's early in the game hurt and it's one ill for chiba. Cisneros all alone, debug from that range is not going to miss and then guess what? Now welcome back Victor Zayn. But they were all over the first half. Yeah, first half, probably the first, the best 45 minutes for chibas in the season on the pound of each. This is minute 34 and is Ronaldo cisneros. Former Atlanta United player. Yeah, first goal of the season for the number 9, a goal and an assist. Early in the second half and then you can just come back, a little deflection here. Why do we manage? It's been massive for T bus. Knowing that it appears in tortillas, didn't start. Big deal. This is the 84th minute handball, coal by the ref, meat with onions, converts from the spot, but it was too late. And surprise or surprise. Chibas played week one at railroad, won that game one now, and now week number 9, they beat the elbow can. So is it something nothing or everything that she has actually defeat both Monday teams playing as a visitor? Well, it's something absolutely. You don't just beat number one and number two, respectively in the tournament and not think it's. By the way, you beat them in their place. You beat them at their house. And one and two monterrey and tigres are the new money teams in league I met. It's also two of the most luxurious teams in the Americas. That's not my opinion. That's not your opinion. That's just simple math. It's a luxurious roster they invest a lot of money in those teams. So to beat those teams and the way you did, outlasting monterrey in the first game, spectacular performance from wacho Jimenez to outperforming them in the first half in a volcan and then weathering the storm in the second half and picking up two very impressive away wins, this is something to hang your hat on. Absolutely. Yeah, it is something, not everything because

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