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Yeah i i i don't even know who the guy is rickie she used the samoan guy who pretend to be a sumo wrestler it was yokozunas like that fewer of them there an app heard of yokozuna yet yokozuna of ricky she is just the is just premature knock off a yokozuna the cam looking at the list of people who are in the the original nature boy uh let's see guerrilla monsoon there's a budget names on here that i already don't know early monsoon nearly later 1994 like though k utter the giant was 1993 and immediately one two three four five six seven people in '94 yeah then i it oh i recognize two names from 94 and the only reason i know the nature boys because he was on that thirty thirty here recently the original nature boy where uh rick flair took his mantra yes that body rogers than was yet buddy rogers area yeah so grill on soon had buddy rogers the only people i know from the alan okay early other people in that one looked disintrested c r arnold's scale end uh okay you're yeah was a four year old in '94 so that means these guys yet the other day yeah three there's one picture of the guys from this when which i don't understand why there's not a guerrilla monsoon picture but these are all yeah like like black and white old old ones but the next next year still i don't really i the fabulous moolah higher recognized her george tan will steal obviously recognize him.

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