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Which I it took me a long time to figure out why people were doing that. And I realized that it was because they're trying to say, you know, now, I want you to know me. I feel like I know you it's interesting Laura Ingalls wilder wrote of her books. I told the truth, but not the whole truth. Yeah. Exactly. It doesn't all belong. It doesn't go in. Or I think it was anti Dillard who went said something like you don't get credit for living. Right. They here's an interesting question that I have wondered myself Carol s why was the dress on the book cover? I kept thinking there would be a mention of a special dress. But then there wasn't. So that dress was actually my dress big. It was a great story. When my last book hourglass had just come out of those on book tour and this fabric artist named Diana way. Mar came up to me, and she said, do you have an article of clothing that I could make something out of. And I immediately thought about that little dress because I was early in the throes of my discovery that eventually became inheritance. I was thinking a lot about myself as a little girl and everything that I didn't know and that was a dress that I wore as a flower girl cousins wedding. And it wasn't like in mothballs or anything. It was like lying in my basement. And it'll be high. I wish Gretchen if it were you would probably would be very well preserved and take it would have been gone garlicky actually mine was like it was like sitting next to sort of defunct wine cellar. So I remembered the dress, and I sent it to her, and as she started working on it to make her art out of it. She started sending me pictures of the dress on her life box on when it came time to design a cover. And there was somebody else recovers that weren't really working. And I remembered the little dress, and I had all of these images was pure accident. And then the art director at my publisher, whose brilliant because the dress was actually ice blue. Oh, she took the dress and made it into that sort of like flesh tone pinky color, because we think of the, yeah, if you think of it as ice blue, it would look like a disturbing story or a ghost story. And instead just this kind of I tiled hood childhood. Exactly. Oh, that's beautiful. That is a great story. Danny Stephanie has an interesting question. She says does Danny think that one of the reasons her bio family was so welcoming is because she is very accomplished to ever get the impression that if she were a factory worker. Or a sales clerk they may not have been so open to meeting I asked because there's a lot of emphasis in the book on writing emails in a way that is non offensive direct, but polite and had she written him with emojis and bad spelling and not as compelling a background if they would have dismissed her outright. That's a great question. And it's a tough question. I mean, I actually think that might being accomplished as a writer was initially detrimental. She knew they must've known right away. This could be a book well in my initial note to my biological father. It was a pretty brief note. But I wrote I included my website, and I include my website, honestly. So that he would see that I was relatively successful in that had a family of my own and that I probably didn't want anything from him. But at the same time what I didn't really consider that. If you looked at my website on the homepage. And I thought oh he'll see a picture of meals. See how much like him. I look. Yeah. But there was also a picture of me with Oprah with her arm around me, and that's not a plus in that situation. I mean, I really think he thought this woman is going to like knock on my door. And I'm going to open it, and there's gonna go Oprah and a camera crew we thought of that, of course, and he's a very private person..

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