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Guys off the court going into half Europe. 12 points. Get that up to 20 something points. And really put the pressure on Milwaukee. Milwaukee could still come back and win this game. They lose this game tonight. I don't think they win this series. I don't see how they will if you go down to Oh, And you go down to O to a team. A man who's not great. They got enough players and they have a dog and absolute dog in Jimmy Butler. You go down and you lose this game tonight. I don't see how you win this series. Imagine that's what we get. Miami Boston Eastern Conference finals. Oh, Paul Pierce, LeBron James, even though neither are on the team's Celtics anymore, and and also the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Miami Heat, I should say, and also the cats too. When the promise with both those teams, you know, sign me up for that. Sign me up for just the trash talk in that Paul Pierce is going to try to do and got a gun to the skin of LeBron James, even though LeBron James doesn't give a rat's ass any more, because he's not a part of the heat organization, But, you know, you know Paul Pierce is going to make it about him. And you know, Paul Pierce is going to find the way to throw some sort of shade in the direction of LeBron James, even though he had nothing to do. When they Celtics heat MBA Eastern Conference finals. You know, look at the leading scores right now for the baggage has 11 Olynyk has eight and the Duncan Robinson was seven. Jimmy Butler in this game So far, we got four points. And they're up by 12. This is a bit is I know you're not gonna lose the game here. But this is you lose the game in the first half, unless you get down by 20 that you could lose it. This this remaining nine minutes and 35 seconds in the second quarter. Even though a lot could happen, and you still got a second half to play. You're gonna learn a lot about this Milwaukee team. Because if they cut it to five you then feel confident going into the second half. If they're down by 15 plus points at half who that that's going to be a very, very tense locker room extremely tense and tight locker room. So we'll get back to the hoops and a little bit will keep you updated on this. I have not been impressive hard knocks this year. I think there's been zero buzz. There's been zero juice the rands and Chargers, even though they are compelling teams. There's just not a lot of headlines. You know what the story lines are? I like McVeigh. I like Anthony Lin. Ah lot. But there's really not that much energy with hard knocks. I've been watching a lot of 1st 23 episodes I think we've had so far, I think last night was the third or fourth episode, Whatever it is And going into last night. I didn't really have much expectations because the first two episodes have been so disappointing. But for where we are right now, in the country where obviously Cove it has been a big story line, But as of late we talked a lot more about the fight for Social justice Last night was a brilliant episode. I really do encourage. I know some people. They just want to stick to sports stick to sports stick the sport, So they come here for distraction. We usually are distraction, but with a situation and something like what we've been seeing on our country. I'm going to use my platform to say what's on my mind, and I was so impressed with the way that the Rams and also the Chargers Promoted conversations and encourage people to listen. Last night that episode to see how conversations like that go down on NFL locker room. It was something that I think is very valuable to at least see what probably was the final 20. Your 15 minutes of the episode last night, very big and it opens up actually. It opened up with one of the Rams PR people, artists. Ah, twin men. I think his name is he's the Ram senior director Communications. He was the first one to show Sean McVeigh the shooting of Jacob Blake. And to see that emotion from Sean McVeigh and how he saw it and something that artist said he goes. Now. Imagine how many Weren't shown on camera like you go back years and years ago. Now everyone has a cell phone in hand. But imagine how many incidents like what happened to Jacob Blake or George Boyd did a car and no one ever saw it because not everyone had a cell phone or they're just wasn't video footage like that. That easily accessible. So that was a really good point by the Rams on the Rams didn't practice cancel practice, which is fine. But you had a lot of conversations, NT meeting rooms, and I know people are going to say what we should just stick to sports. The teams aren't stick into sports, and nor should they And you see a progress that's made in the NFL Wher 34 years ago. I'm sure there were conversations being add like I was in the Eagles locker room, and I've heard from Malcolm Jenkins and I heard from Chris Long and I heard from Torrey Smith, but the conversations were not Promoted. They were not encourage as the NFL was trying for this not to be a distracted and Roger Goodell it'd issue an apology ah few months ago and say that the NFL was wrong for not listening. So you see how these healthy conversations can occur, and I know I brought it McVeigh first. But the job that the Chargers did. They go to the new stadium. They're gonna have practice. Anthony Lynn was adamant about having practice. But then he kind of read the room. And this is what I like about Coach Lynn is that he could adjust. He could adapt, and even though he didn't want to cancel practice because he didn't think there was a point to cancel practice. Listen, there's a plan at something that I learned about Anthony Lin. I remember there was a story Written in one of the papers in L. A. Where they brought out that he went to a protest in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and he went to a protest and he participated the protest, But then he was disappointed at the end of the protest. Cause he wanted to know. Where do they go from here? Like what is the call to action from here? What is the plan? And there wasn't a plan at the protest. And that's been a big thing with Dan Stimulant. He clearly wants to see change. He wants her to be a call the action. He wants there to be a clear plan and he didn't see the point in just cancelling practice just to cancel practice, so they go to that stadium, The new stadium And I think it was the local TV feed. Or maybe it was through the NFL network, But they had that money. Smith and Daniel Jr my there who's there radio team and they were getting set. I guess the way they set it up to call whatever the scrimmage was going to be our maybe some type of walked or whatever it was inside this new stadium and right before yet some guys on the field He had Anthony Linen Tyrod Taylor want to have a meeting. So Tyrod Taylor takes a leadership role brings everyone into the locker room and it was a very powerful scene where a 62 year old assistant head coach and George Stewart said. I've been seeing this stuff. Go on. Since I've been five and we're still having the same conversations to this day. And eventually, Anthony Lin said. When he heard everyone talked, he goes, You know, we're not taking the field today. We're gonna cancel practice. But we're going to use their platform here, and they ended up going on the local stations NFL network and they were talking about the conversations that they were having inside the locker room. But Anthony Lin said, I'm not letting you take the field. If everyone's head is not in it, and clearly everyone's head was not ended because of what did occur ah few days before that, and how the NFL was handling it in the aftermath of not only The shooting seven times of Jacob Blake, but without the MBA, elected to boycott those three playoff games of the two days of playoff games before returning on last Friday, So I did text I reached out to Anthea last night..

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