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The manufacturing caucus which is a bipartisan panel of state lawmakers set up to find new ways to advance the cause of do jersey manufacturing recently held their first meeting in patterson the chairman is state senator bob board we have a very vibrant advanced manufacturing sector in new jersey you'd it provides great job do we need to create more of those jobs bordin says they'll seek new and innovative ways to spur bio and nanotechnology and pharma in the state to increased goodpaying jobs atlantic city's tours of market continues to show signs of growth during the first six munster the year there is a new report from the levinson institute of gaming that shows atlantic city isn't dead yet and it's thanks to big gains in the lodging feed the atlantic city parking fee and the noncasino revenue per available room saudi logging he under room went up by almost ten percent the noncasino bar went up almost eight and the parking fee per 100 spaces is up ten percent is executive director rummy pandit after the taj mahal casino closed in october the seven remaining casinos reporting twenty percent growth during the first half of 2017 handed says the future for ac tourism looks bright percentages are up eu rent are you've been up so it could very positive look he hopes in the hard rock opens next year it will help grow the market are so low new jersey went on 15 means social media is a buzzed with what is being called the philly taco the internet series the pizza show recently went to fill the unfao this a cheese stake wrapped in a giant slice of pizza to jersey guys host the show which just may be one of the best jobs ever travelling the country sampling various pizza temperatures this morning are in the '70s we'll be back in the 80s but cooler weather returns of this week forecast details in four minutes on the half hour at 530 also coming up we'll have the latest of what while was says use in unlikely find in one of their sandwiches and.

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