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It now because there is. There's a lopsided element to one side. It's noticeably nothing there and then you turn around the other side. Is you know like normal at the moment and it. Maybe there's a variety actor you know those old acts that used to be so half man off one way then the other way and women and the other way and be a man. Maybe i can do one. You know term one way. I'm a five year old boy turn the other way. I'm a grown. grown men. just a statistical based project. I'm not sure whether that will work out or not. Accompany show whether it'd be allowed to do that. Seems distasteful sir. Look i have lost a balls. I am going go and i. I know every time. I say i tell someone this they say. Have you looked in the last place you saw it. And i'm like yes. Of course. I have that just trying to help. But it's annoying every single. I think you looked in your scrotum. As if i wouldn't have looked in my scrotum. I say i scranton was the first place i look for. It is not there. That's the way it was weird but people off and they invariably they say your mind. If i check i say look is definitely definitely. Check my scrotum you. Don't lose a ball and then not look for in your scrotum. You think i'm stupid. And they say just let me ever feel you might have missed it. I'm like oh all right all right. Go ahead but believe me. It's not there and they're like immediately. Oh look i found. It sometimes compare revised and i said no. You haven't that's the other one and they're all what you had to say of course and then they get angry with me that what you complain about. As i don't think i was complaining. It was just stating the fact that i must the ball but you still got one. Yes so you still got more than the average number of polls what you mean..

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