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Newsradio it's nine twenty five are you doing your holiday shopping for the thieves look at that at the bottom of the hour now it's time for traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the finance Tim green wood we have a new problem thank you for the tipster call four oh five north bound just past the seven ten it's begun to rain on the South Bay curve again and this has caused at least part of this accident one of the cars has spun out the other one kind of floated around a bit we are at least blocking the second lane from the left if not the second and lane and the right most lane north bound for five just as you pass the seven ten watch out northbound on the one ten coming out of cars and we have a crash right there at torrents Boulevard that is a two car crash a pick up truck and a car it to be precise and that is blocking the slow lane of the north bound one ten just a little around the corner from that northbound four of five at the six oh five are sick alert is cancelled and lanes are now open traffic is recovering on that slow curve from the north four oh five to the north six oh five south on the fifteen at the runaway truck ramp we had a two car crash there because the south bound fifteen coming out of Cajon pass away from Victorville is now open and flowing and available to have folks get run into sixty east bound through your roof of valley we have some slowing as you approach the ninety one that is mostly left over road repair and a bit of whether they're all so next traffic report at nine thirty five AM Tim green wood with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio chili again tomorrow mostly in the fifties overnight lows thirties and forties we could see some scattered showers and snow showers tonight and overnight Long.

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