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Dj and what are the group there are it's called g h r d growth hormone receptor deficient what did they die off in a what age and so a look like at least into dozen eleven there wasn't a single cancer that they we could find either in these one hundred subjects in ecuador nor in the two hundred and fifty subjects there as laurent had been following europe in the middle east out of three hundred and fifty people if fifty years of observation nahla single cancer that now that happened layer probably due to this terrible diet sort on point is jeans are not able to create immunity against cancer but indust far there's been three cases with diabetes again out of the three hundred and fifty or saw subjects which is another extremely law prevalence of diabetes considering that they have a terrible diet a lot of them are being overweight and so yes so then then these mutation in humans seems to be very much behaving like the the mouth mutation which makes them protected from diabetes cancer the mice and also very long live now the longevity we don't see a big effect on jetty there's probably a small effect on jeopardy but we suspect as we know for mice that by having a terrible diet these may be not removing the protection against diseases but removing this record longevity right right right so you deduce from that what and how does that inform like the next chapter well from that we we deduce that.

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