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About some of the more prominent stories that have emanated from that classified base you know what i'm talking about our webmaster gregg bishop and i have pulled together our usual assortment of oddities and items culled from various news sources around the world we call it naps news you can find it on the coast to coast website right there on the front page he'll we're approaching the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of bobby kennedy and on the eve of that solemn occasion a story has surfaced about rfk's son visiting sirhan sirhan in prison bobby kennedy son doesn't believe sirhan was the man who shot his father he suspects that was a second person involved in that murder it's a pretty amazing story and you know as i read this thing i was imagining how tense that meeting must have been in inside the prison where sirhan is housed between the son of the guy he's he was convicted of killing it's it's must've been as an amazing little sequence of events there and i'm guessing there will be further coverage on coast once the anniversary draws near a two stories about pentagon projects you may not have been hurt heard about one is about a special ops mothership that's the description a special ops mothership and by mothership i mean one that floats on water pretty mysterious cool story about where this thing has been the last couple of years also story about a project in which the pentagon is creating software or a system that will identify and fight back against for lack of a more precise term fake news fake stories planted hoaxes viral counterintelligence it's an interesting story but i think the idea of this technology is kind of fraught with peril you can form your own your own opinions about it humans end up living on mars someday can we expect to eventually evolve into a species different from the humans left on earth the story obviously speculates about what might happen over a really long period of time check it out one other news item i'll mention it's about the mandela effect that we've talked about this on the program before the idea that somehow history changes are memory of events that occurred becomes different from sort of the accepted timeline is if so many kind of flipped a switch or rather rewrote the script it's weird or maybe it's a function of.

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