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They look like they look like shit. Ever since I want to say a round of that outdoor game time. To we saw, we reverse chiclets boosted them. Remember they went on a run merley said they were like 9 O one one after we got there and then we brought it up and that's what mushed them. We must come right after that. They can't get any saves. Caulking in his rebound controls a nightmare. As far as their penalty kills concern, it's atrocious right now. Whether that has to do with goaltending or the four van units that they're sending out there, I have no clue. Am I concerned about them moving forward? Not really. I think they have a pretty deep team. They just got dumba and zuk off the IR. That's going to help out a lot. Because I think because zook was coming back, they had to put greenway on the IR as well. So I don't know if this is a team that's going to end up making a trade at the deadline, but they do need something to spark them to go into the second or I guess the last one third of the season to get going before the playoffs because right now it's looking ugly. I think they've won like four games in their last 15 or something ridiculous. So but as far as the fact that next year I think it's 8 million in the year to two years after it's like 10 million for those bio to parisi and suitor. I mean, they kind of had to do it and at times it's really helped this year, but that sucks for the next few years trying to deal with that with the cap not going up these next year. Yeah. On top of that, I think we have a new TNT between the bench analyst. Tyler segan after he scored well, I think that he originally got credit for it off his shoulder, but then they gave it to pavelski unless they ended up changing it back again, but he was talking with panger and I mean, if you want to boost up the female viewership, get in between the benches shirtless. You know, that stuff is. I said on Twitter. You can't plan for it. It was very impromptu, but that should happen more often, just like I have a guy go over and kind of give us two cents. I thought it was really good shit, man. I like to say I can pop over. It wasn't planned, it wasn't like thought of ahead of time. What he said actually was what happened to he basically said exactly what the ruin was. You should be a producer. First of all, RA, and that's a genius idea every time there's a goal being reviewed, they should put the headset on the guy who potentially scored it, watching over and over and giving his insight. That's a genius call. All right. Once in a while, yeah. I fucking was a broken clock twice a day. That type of thing. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut unless it's the squirrel that RA was feeding them chowder into an apartment that day. It happened. Another note from that game, Riley tufte, he was missed the hockey and Minnesota high school of 6 years ago. When a pair of titles at Minnesota Duluth, he was supposed to play his first NHL game back in November and he got scratched at the last minute after you bought a shitload of tickets. Well, the other day, that was his first game in Minnesota. He ended up scoring a goal and it's kind of funny how life plays out. I was like, I was going to ask you biz, would you rather go through the misery of getting scratched after the final tickets to score your first goal in that game or be able to play that first game and not score a goal? Well, I think that's the hockey gods helping them out and giving them the shit sandwich rebound from cocking and just giving them that nice little scoop and play. So congrats to him. And they were talking about so he won a national championship to maybe two national champions with Minnesota Duluth. So to score back to scored an autobio to score in front of the home crowd like that, that is freaking awesome, especially having gone through the situation where he bought all those tickets and got thrown on the bus. Yeah, it's gonna be an awesome thing. And I mentioned Jason Robinson's two hat tricks over the weekend that we didn't even mention the first one Friday night overtime. He got his third goal and he was out of gas made that sick move kind of got tripped and he just fell into the boards. It was like the anti celebration celebration. He did the dead man's float and just laid it was like, was it technically a celly biz? No, what was your point? We did the caption contest and I said, I said 5 minutes after I dump one into my belly button before my pre game nap, that was my caption. He deserves the rest. What was your caption? Did you get one in there? I don't know if I put one or not. I wrote a blog. I call the dead man's float 'cause he was just looked like a fucking dead guy. Look how he was passed out or whatever. I think that's gonna be the new one, the weekend at Bernie's, just passed out and looked like the dead. I think a kid had one either in the American League or I think he might have played for belleville recently and he scored an overtime and he just left the ice. Gee, did you see that? Was it belleville? I thought it was Manitoba. Man, it's over. Oh, the moose. Yeah..

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