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Thanks again for tuning in to unsolved murders. We'll be back next Tuesday with part too. You can find many more episodes of unsolved murders as well. As all of park casts. Other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher. Google play are your favorite podcast directory. Several of you have asked how to help us. If you enjoy the show the best way to help is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at park cast network. We'll see you next time. If we live till next time. Unsolved murders. True crime stories was created by max Cutler and developed by Ron Cutler is a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. It is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler sound design by Kenny Hobbs with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller additional production assistance by Maggie admire Carly Madden. And Freddie Beckley. This episode was written by Jordan lyric in stars windy MacKenzie and Carter ROY the amazing cast of voice actors includes by alphabet order, Rebecca, errands diamond. Mike Kaposi, Jerry, Courtney Austin, Harris Markson in Steve Pinto. Oxygen news show. Murder-for-hire is a must see e t online says it will be your new true. Crime obsession watch. What happens when regular people? Try and hire a hitman, and they're caught by the cops on camera reel footage real stories. Get in on the sting with murder-for-hire Sundays at seven six central and anytime on the oxygen app. Don't forget to listen to the park cast networks newest show survival survival looks through the eyes of the world's most resilient survivors as their self preservation instincts are pushed to the limit be sure to search for and subscribe to survival wherever you listen to podcasts. Please don't forget to rate and review.

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