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Sharon, Donald Trump, Intel discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Iota about Iranian your point is extremely Sharon and the yes it is it's a it's a question we've been asking for years the Democrats got a ways because that will be in the short answer your questions the media in the neovia the media has since being in the middle of the media's constituency now actually is government where is the media used to think of themselves as the watchdog of government making short awry and they have a on power to make sure they were kept in check the Democrats have now become part of the power in the media in their own minds they're part of the establishment yeah and now they run protection schemes for it other than to expose it trump is an enemy of the establishment and therefore there are two different standards are two legal systems of trump's involved there's two there's two sets of policies or standards for government operations Democrat versus Republican I had a guy sent me a note lessons right along the lines of your thinking here these are the very media that attacked George Bush W. for not reading the tea leaves prior to nine eleven is now attacking trump for having read the tea leaves on salami as you said yes that's exactly true after nine eleven what the Democrats they bumped all over trump bush after two weeks of solidarity went by they then said that bush screwed up by not reading what was clearly see a bowl in the Intel that bin laden was gonna hit so trump looks so mommy was planning something we don't know what but it was big because he had to go back and get the approval of the mileage he had something on his mind some operation going to be huge it's one of the reasons trumpet the guy this wasn't personal now this wasn't because this guy rejected a membership offering Meryl lock or something like that when was this will be this guy was planning something here with Jim trump got wind of it and and read the tea leaves and took him out in advance so kudos to trump and that's the real problem I've got trump look brilliant here trump looked sharp trump looked within the intact quite exactly so your your your your line of thinking is rather attend one think conflicting me on this folks this is the same intelligence community gave trump wow no it's not I take that back John Brennan clapper had nothing to do with this and tell I mean if your truck how do you trust the intelligence community now seriously how do you trust them given what they did in trying to take him out of office with this phony Russian meddling clue and all that there is obviously very satisfied and confident trust worthy of the people in the intelligence community now.

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Sharon, Donald Trump, Intel discussed on Rush Limbaugh

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