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Come out in my early thirties. i've come out many times of actual come out with those. They're young and then. I was bullied back into the closet. And then i was in the closet for a while and while it was enclosed those living in berkeley as a graduate student and i came out to a few of my friends and they Some are supportive in somewhere. Not supportive But he didn't quite work out for various reasons and then i came out for you in my thirties and so as an immigrant as immigrants multiple times i'm always very concerned with how boom into mainstream narratives of coming out looks like can or cannot be applied to people who are not part of dominant of mainstream narratives right. So how does that work for immigrants who are really or second gen people who are really torn between the feelings of their own identity or our own identity and belonging game vis-a-vis our home culture you know cultures of origin and maybe the lack of acceptance or a different kind of acceptance so different conceptualization of what being queer and trans can look like. There's this dual tension where for example for me Part of this bulkin. The previous works of written as well as men process has been about thinking about well at i can do gender neutrality releasing in english i us they pronounce english but when i think about one in russian whether doing hebrew the answer is are different because the language structures different and what people do over there is different now but in those living in ukraine in russia the activism they discourses of having now did not yet exist so i want to also have space for people who are not just coming out along the young because i think that literature for younger people is extremely important and having representation for younger people is extremely important and i have written mindshare of younger protagonist. I want to keep writing them. Because i just love this work. I think it's it's crucial. it's wonderful it's vibrant. It's necessary. But i also feel that people who are trying to come out in a different set of circumstances. Something has prevented them from coming out earlier. It might be a cultural shifts. Might be immigration. It might be a situations of family family. Conflict situation of a abused There's many situations or even suggestion of not knowing who you are and just coming into later. I feel that i want there to be more representation. This because resonated with people who for variety of reasons could not come out earlier in life and came out later in life and so to have that representation has been really important in. I think that it's important to have people in books. Who are not how to say this. Who who feel older not just our older on the page but who feel older. They've been Things they have a lot of regret they have a lot of experience they have histories that they need to unpack. They need they need to figure out what to tell the grandchildren you know. Hold those things hurt rates. They're in pain. Maybe you're right. They're like so all of this is a part of my themes and so that's why i put them in the book but yes of course it is something that interests me because because it's reflects in part my own trajectory..

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