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Is Valentin dream in a number two. I'm going to new day with big oil. Because, you know, even though we've spent the most of the episode just really being down on the superstar shakeup, there were some moves that were made that I think we're gonna enjoy the long run on trying to Ross one of them fin to smack that another one, but Kevin Owens with the new day is another one of them. And they got their first win as you unit and Kevin got to step in for biggie and really fill that role. So because I enjoyed that those bright spot for this week the new come in number two number one. Got Mark Henry the number one. You mentioned his Boston open show. They're having a conversation while it's right now as recording. But by the top people here that they're gonna be able to go listen to serious about just black wrestlers in the history of black wrestling, and they got some people call him in shoemaker call then Darren young called in we call them. I think it's a conversation that needs to be had and heard I think people are gonna enjoy listening to it. So after you check this out go check that out at saw busted open from today. Friday, April nineteenth as it should be up should be up. Now. Yeah. Exactly on on your Sirius XM on demand. You definitely definitely look for that. And I know they put clips on YouTube and stuff like that as well. Also, I meant to mention when I was on that show. Norman smiley. Oh, yeah. Who's who's? Now. A great annexed trainer and world class guy who's been around wrestling, forever WCW and all over the world. So did you watch. Did you watch the bruiser Brody vice land show this week? I did not. I caught the Montreal. Screw job one though. So you so yeah, I I got to watch the screw job one. Because I watched on the on the app, they had bruiser Brody. And that was probably the one I was most interested in. How is the screw job? One. Does it introduced us to anything? We didn't already. So to answer that does it introduces things that we already know. I would say, yes. But it's like so couple of things right? Thirty seconds in Bruce Prichard mentions. You know, it's Brett's last day with the company he should've dropped tight. Title. And I had to sorta roll my eyes at that. Because it was not breads last company he had three weeks left on his contract after survivor series. So for them to just set it up in that way. It's just like, okay. This is the documentary supposed to be having the facts people is one of the facts, and it's it's it's a false premise L A. So I mean, if you set aside some of the things that you know, to be false that they present yard you can be into tainted by the presentation style. But just right off the bat. Then was that idea that? He had limited time on the clock. They weren't. And the other thing was Jim cornet and Vince Russo both take credit for the idea of the screw job. Interesting into wanna take that they were at a meeting with Vince together. In the weekend of the week before survivor series. Like in the lead up to it in Connecticut advances house, just those three of them. And then the stories diverge on the one hand you have Jim cornet. A really interesting history lesson and then say. So I told Vince you get ready to sharp shoot of nobody'll see comment ring, the bell, boom. And then on the other hand, you have been Rousseau's say that's not true. I'm actually the one who suggested to vents in this meeting. And then it's just like, okay. This is this is ridiculous. But it's good ridiculous. Because now the conspiracy theory gets fleshed out even more like who's telling the truth here. So it's tightening for sure I will take it all with a grain of salt as far as it being a super facts in the definitive word on what happened in Montreal..

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