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I think will need sorta come a bit of a ways especially with his footwork and generating speed and getting stronger on his feet but he fights back against pressure pretty. Well you know again like you said. I think there is something to having a dad. That was jason blake especially with how his career went And having him being like hey son you're gonna need to learn how to play when two guys are trying to get the puck off and they're six inches taller than you. And i think he does that pretty well. So i'm hopeful Especially if you can sorta get him sort of skating a lot better and generating speed a lot more reliably and just getting stronger on his frame for sure you talk about you. Know we've mentioned jason. Blake is his father in someone who had to uses his skill set but also his brain. His i q to not only stanishev but being effective role player of for jackson. Someone who has that seal that. Maybe his dad didn't necessarily have in his. Your tillery is he. Someone that you can see becomes you know that next five nine points or You know those types of players that are under size maybe brayden point is a heck of a hockey player. We're talking about a guy who scored nine struggles in nine straight games in the playoffs..

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