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Okay start of the season it was cleveland and golden state and that's it i don't agree with that who else we us ron oh i think toronto win title at the start of the year they'll okay so listen john boston had acquired gordon hayward and kyrie irving the maybe boston had show you say cleveland boston maybe i'm not i'm just saying chance a realistic chance not hey hey that's a good odds on winning and seidel but there there's a realistic chance i would say to and maybe third team in the east and in the west would go to have gone golden state and houston some might say why not oklahoma city well just because i don't think there's there was enough there really don't so and utah who might have been ready to make that step gordon hayward didn't stay now utah's really good right now but i don't know that you saw the beginning of your portland's pretty good right now right now i think if you look at the west depending on steph curry's injury situation you would say there are two teams in the west in whatever order you wanna put them golden state in houston you can flip that around because that's the way the standings are in the east you would say as far as winning the title i don't know of anybody believes team in the east can win the nba championship is that fair yeah obviously one of those three teams whether it's ronald boston cleveland or maybe a wild card will get there but you're right it's it's houston or golden state by rule one of the teams to get there but that doesn't mean that they're going to be the favourite to the realistic new of the nba even some seventeen eighteen days before the playoffs begin the realistic view of the nba is that two teams can win the title it's the western conference final if that shapes up to be what it is houston golden state depending on golden state's health and just think about and that's a good point so we're almost done with the season and even if the season ended when it does end we're going.

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