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News time Carmen Roberts president trump's plan to divert money from FEMA for immigration is drawing fire from Democrats especially with tropical storm Dorian set to hit Porto Rico today speaker Pelosi taking issue with DHS moving a total of turns seventy one million from agencies like FEMA and the Coast Guard saying stealing from appropriated funds is always an acceptable but to pick the pockets of disaster relief funding in order to fund an appalling in humane family incarceration plan is staggering fox's grafting and homeland security plans to use the money for more detention beds as for tropical storm Dorian is expected to slam Porter Rico and cause flash flooding for the next couple of days right now we're thinking that a more than likely will be a hurricane as it moves toward the Bahamas mineralogist Dave Roberts with the national hurricane center America is listening to fox news information and the perspective twin cities news talk dot com exclusive stories and unique perspective your listening to America's first name this morning with Gordon T. R. thanks for spending time with us and welcome to Wednesday August twenty eight Gordon deal with Ross a K. was filling in for Jennifer could think of some of our top stories and headlines tropical storm Dorian expected to reach Frederico today Purdue pharma in talks to settle opioid related lawsuits democratic presidential candidates must meet certain qualifications by today be invited to next month's debate business.

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