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What did he finish in the mvp race is he probably finished in the top five a couple of times who we always looked at kawhi leonard new like auto forget about quiet leonard and now spurs gotta forget about kwahi leonard at least the rest of the season all right uh poll results make levin an update those polls the police are you okay with taking on a guess what our audience thinks are they okay with their teams tanking yes let us see here as i click sixty eight percent nobu while we have a very ethical audience okay the efforts in kuwait leonard last year behind russell westbrook and james harden in the three spot ahead of lebron james and isaiah thomas because we look at the spurs and you have to have somebody validate that record that they're always went in you know fifty five fifty seven fifty nine games we got it hey got to have somebody from the spurs there as an mvp candidate and quite leonard third on that list last year not surprising we have the us women's hockey coal this is canada's call said canada loses can we play that seton now this is at the end of the shootout the us women's hockey game comes down to a shootout for the gold this is the canadian coal it's on the stick out meghan augusta he to score to keep this team alive augusta but the left low shot gets in deep stop receivers weighed matti wuori stops megan augusta and the drought is over via barricades have one goal in the shootout.

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