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You're looking at six five to fifty probably in that range, the took probably you would hope run under four six four six five. What did you might think you might? Let's talk about the guys that are going to go off on Friday. I big forty times you're gonna see here are the running backs. What is your reasonable expectation for lock it in Josh Jacobs number there, and maybe a few others? You gotta be careful when Jacobs because he's he's big back lady on bell. Ran four six you have to put it on perspective evolve. So at big back lake Matt forte at two hundred twenty pounds. Four four four Adrian Peterson to twenty ran four four even. Yeah. So you got to be careful with Emmett. Smith didn't have a great forty time. So I think running backs it's worthy agility quickness than it is straight line speed member Carta sticky when it came at a Texas at blazing four to two. Yeah. You look at the running backs. It's kind of been all over the place on it. There's a set way to say this forty defines a back. It's it's more about changing direction quickness agility than it is like I say straight line forty speed is it broad jump is a big one too. Yeah. Just showing the lower body explosiveness and strength. Ten five is the outstanding number for running backs. And I think you have to wait at just it too for for running. That's what NFL teams zoo it's adjusted based off the weight when it's forty time is because you can't compare a hundred ninety pound back a guy like Bryce love to two hundred and twenty pound back like we haven't Alabama guys. Around two hundred twenty pounds. So I think that's important to remember. As we go through the process Darren sproles was five six hundred eighty eight pounds rent four four six. So if you're looking for a commie Bryce love of we'll see what he falls into ladainian Tomlinson had an incredible work at two hundred twenty two pounds four four four. So again, say Levy on bell was two hundred thirty two pounds four six and then he took off twenty pounds before his rookie year guys where the workouts. It seems like really stand out is it the cornerback position. I'm talking about three cone, and I'm talking about the forty times specifically where it seems like there are exceptions Joe Haden worked out poorly. We're five two and still went top ten. I think seven overall, but of this cornerback class are there who what do we expect out of these guys taught? I think greedy is probably going to have one of the better workouts would be my guest Williams heating does because his tape. Got progressively worse at LSU this past year. And a lot of guys are down because it doesn't tack. He's not overly physical. So I think he's going to have to work out really well and minore to maintain a spot somewhere in that top twenty five range, I'm interested. What t- Andre Baker to what does he run? You know, I love his instincts. I love the way he plays. But but does he have that elite top end speed and cornerback more than any other position arm length? The combination of arm length and forty time are really big really big in terms of the evaluation. And I think today's Cornerbacks are so much harder to evaluate because of the game. And because everyone's pointing bail technique. It's really hard to evaluate these guys. That's why these numbers are more important for cornerback than I think any position to the long athletic corners would've had a test. The guy. Just late at Michigan state, Joe one Williams Vanderbilt Lonnie Johnson Kentucky had they do. But I think the Todd's point about armlet it's important for receivers. It's important for offense alignment defensive linemen linebackers tackling Cornerbacks..

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