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And affiliates. It's 6 38 Monday morning House called Time Dr Kevin most chief medical officer at North Western Medicine. Central Page Hospital is on the line. Doc, How you doing today? The judge Bob House after a start. I'm doing great, though. How are you? I'm back. But John Land Decker is filling in hero calm He's on this afternoon. And let's start off with the president's announcement yesterday, President Trump announced Sunday the emergency authorization of convalescent plasma for covert 19 patients. He called it a breakthrough. One of his top health officials said it was promising. Other health experts said. This needs more study before it's celebrated. Do we need more information on this before we before we come in, Doc? Yeah, I would say before we have a rally at a picnic. We certainly need to make sure we do more study and it obviously now we've been using combos and plasma for months now, so this is not anything new and breaking We've used it for numerous numerous patients at Northwestern, and essentially what everyone needs to know about. It is this is taking plasma from an individual who had co bit in the past. So essentially, we go and take their blood. We felt we separated between the red blood cells in their plasma, and then we take that plasma and give it to someone who's actively infected. The reason being is all what we've been talking about. If you think about once you have that infection, you have antibodies and therefore you get protection so we're doing is we're taking the individuals who have the upper body and giving it to the individuals who are sick. To try to get this to slow the illness or stop the illness. It's been, you know, numerous trials across the United States and we had good results. We've actually had really good shape results, which is probably the most important, But now we're looking at the effectiveness of this shorten the duration of the illness doesn't prevent death. It doesn't prevent the advancement to a point of meeting ventilator support. To be continued, I guess. Let's talk about Ah, the university Illinois plan and they seem to be doing everything right down in Champaign. Don't think they do you know? I did my undergrad at University of Kansas but received my MBA from University of Notre Dame and a little disappointing when you see what happened at Notre Dame, and you see what happened at UNC Chapel Hill in the news where you see the large off campus parties, and then next thing you know, hundreds of people have tested positive. You guys taking a great Stan and I'm really very interested to see how this plays out because it could be the model going forward for those who you don't know what you have eyes doing. What they're doing is every student at U of I will be tested to times a week. Now you say Wait a second. We have enough study material and supplies to do this. They're using their new study that you have I actually developed, which was very similar to the Yale of Ah, Test, which is a saliva test, So it's not taking anything out of the public's use of testing, so we're not going to diminish that at all. But they will test every student twice a week. When they do identify them. They will isolate Minister on in campus housing have 400 quarantine rooms where they put the individuals. If they're on off campus housing. They will be quarantined with whoever there with in their housing, and those individuals will be tested every day. They could do 10,000 tests today, So if you think about our goal Of identifying asymptomatic people early as possible and isolating them boy getting tested twice a week. If you think we did that across the country, so you guys really, I think done a great job. You would hope that the students there take up the pride of knowing that they could be the leaders and really watch what they do with their off campus behavior. We Sprinkle in a few questions that were emailed to us or texted to us. Ah mean doctor most I'm a teacher returning to in person learning, And my question is, Is it better to have windows open or closed? We do have a good H vac system with quality airflow. Yes, white. Still, I say this time of the year day like today, obviously 2090 something you know If I'd talk to your engineers and see how many times you get recirculated air through the through the H vac system, But for the most part, the best thing would be to have teachers with the system running so that they're circulating air as well as having those windows open. We know that the amount of delusion that air Khun do just from open windows will certainly be very beneficial and we need to do that early, because obviously, as we get in deeper into the year, the ability to keep those windows open, it's going to diminish quickly. Very few schools. They're going open live right now. So those that too We will be watching them very closely to see how the H Vac systems work as well as the open air, and hopefully they're really tracking and monitoring that because it will be very powerful information for the spring when we see more schools going backto live classes and we're told that the question to ask now is is thie is the system. There's a system have a Merv 13 filter. That's the Magic number and the magic filter, isn't it? Yeah, You know, those are going to be the filters that you want are essentially going to be the ones that take out the finest particles that you possibly can. Obviously, viruses are very small, but you're starting to see more and more technology that can allow these systems to run the heir to the filters that will eliminate it. Talk about N 95, Mass similar to that, where 95% of the particulate. They're going to be blocked and being inhaled, So that's what we're really looking at. In all the circulatory systems for all the major building south. We got an email here from Christine, who says she has to take her first road test in years of the D M V. They indicate they will place plastic in my car. But the front seat of a car is tiny and too close, isn't it? What can you do? Just I would assume, just make sure you and the other person that car both wearing a mask, right? Absolutely. They will all have massed on there would be no, it's possibly clean as possible on dimes. Sure that these tests are going to be short. Remember, we look at an exposure were saying, 15 minutes. Within 6 ft. To say, Boy, if I test is longer than that that again is without masks. Soapy are both wearing a mask. And you're in that car for a short period of time and again, this would be home. What? We just talked about the students. Open up the windows to the car. Of the air circulating. Now it's a very short period of time. When we look at safety will also look after looking to safety on the road. So the importance of doing these tests is still very, very important that we have safe drivers out there as well. So I think they're going to take every precaution and you can as well Keep those windows down. Keep the mass on and I'm sure that the driver test is gonna be a fairly short these days. Hang on doctor most after a quick break, among other things, I want to talk to you about vaccines right now. Let's talk about the weather, which is going to be hot for a few days. Steve. Yeah, we're talking mid nineties hot, maybe 95 by Wednesday and.

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