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Today we drop back to April two thousand ten to hear episode twenty-six like a dog from space sixty two years ago on April third nineteen fifty seven the Soviet Union blasted the first living creature into orbit Leica a stray dog from Moscow animal shelter the Sputnik two had no re entry ability so this was a one way trip. They please open your imagination to another world as you listen to makeshift stories. One hundred seventy nine redux Leica read by Mitchell to Joyce heard through her being. She was free at last. She who had no name was again wandering the mysterious void on her long millennia spanning journey to rejoin the others like herself only the color shift of the pinpoints of starlight from blue in front to read in her wake marked her passage. She was finally free of the gravity that had so unexpectedly ripped her from the wonderment of the void to bind her to the rocks and force her to crawl across. Its surface the planet other trapped inhabitants. She shuddered at the thought. Too much time had been lost roaming the inhospitable streets of that world. She had been trapped there. For almost one full orbit of that planet's UNMEMORABLE Yellow Star but the fear and loneliness remaining in her heart who is now dissolving in the splendor of the luminous clouds of a nearby nebula letting the recent past fall away from her she turned toward the glowing blowing clouds of stellar dust instinctively seeking to be caressed by the gentil fingers of the young stars at hid within. Its May justic presence it. It was late December. Nineteen fifty six has an unusually bitter wind bit into the stone of the Old City. A few people dared to venture out so no one noticed the Faint Green Wisp of northern light that seem to reach down to touch deserted corner of Gorky Park near the frozen Moskva River. She woke new sensations growing up from her core. Her stomach growl and she thought what how could one feel so cold in place. Hundreds of degrees warmer than the infant chill of interstellar space but now the vacuum of space seemed so far away she longed for its freedom attracted by the chaotic thoughts of a billion minds. She had drifted too close to this rock allowing the hungry fingers of gravity to rip her from the sky and now she was trapped in a new alien form. She experimented four legs stretched. She wagged something. She sniffed a new experience almost overwhelmed her chemicals metals the past presence of other other animals the ghosts of thousands of beings baking bread cookies musty earth all came rushing through what she somehow somehow understood to be her nose as intense as the thoughts. That lured her here. The chemical traces invaded her. Mind each suggesting an action and she called herself and stretched again pushing deeper into the leaf lined Kravis to get away from the gnawing cold curled into a ball and went back to sleep asleep. Me Monchy one of the many names she would have was what the two legged creature that through scraps of food into the alley for the local forelegs behind. The old cafe on hers. Street had come to call her and as the creature known as Lehman Cheek she wandered. The streets of the place called Moscow through the shortest days of winter looking for bits of food abandoned by the towering two legged beasts the two legs apparently dominated this world and turned out to be the source of the thoughts which had inadvertently brought her here. She discovered that she could see into their minds. And when Lehman Chic planted a thought some would give of her food or a place to sleep on the coldest nights the other four legged beings like her sometimes friends and sometimes competitor's needed to be carefully watched and avoided less they gang up on her she had witnessed this behavior all too often particularly around food food leeman cheek had quickly discovered that she could not see into the forelegs minds beyond basic drives and therefore could not influence them so she stayed closer due to the two legged ones. Life was not easy here and every day. She yearned to leave one afternoon. Has the days were growing growing warmer. A group of two legs from Hurson street gathered an anxious. Conversation in front of Pavel's bakery. Leeman chick sat patiently in the shadows between a pile of trash and the greasy brick wall of a neighboring shop. She reached into the minds of the two legs and saw that they were excited by news of an event and taking place in the big square just beyond the tomb have an important dead too late leader. Their mood was both excited and Ham. Prehensile the mix of emotions confused Leeman chic but the mention of outerspace caught her attention and her longing for it made up her mind she would follow them. Liman Chick shadowed the disorganized pack of two legs at a distance casually sniffing at posts and building corners to make herself look on interested. The the agitated group hurried up Hers Street to the broad public square past the tall red spires of the State Historical Museum and on up Manezh St Street. To the walls of the Kremlin where a stage had been hastily erected and a growing crowd of two legs waited impatiently the pack of two legs. She was following following pushed their way through the throngs to the front causing a chorus of rude comments in their wake. Leeman chick quietly settled down beside the one who through scraps out for her to eat noticing. Leeman chick the woman smiled leaned over and scratched her behind one ear. Shall We see what all the commotion is about Little Lima. A small tight swarm of two legs dressed in dark suits navigated their way to the podium protecting to in their midst who emerged urge from the wall of bodies and made their way onto the stage. Leeman chick watched intensely singling out. Their minds was heavy set balding Ling. Wearing lenses over his is the other was somewhat nervous with a receding hairline but both lines radiated enthusiasm for their efforts to send vehicles vehicles called rockets into space a feat which was yet to be achieved on this world the heavier to leg. Who was apparently the secretary if the party? Although Liman Schick didn't understand what the party was she assumed it was an Alpha. two-leg has both appear to be different to it. PA speakers placed around the open square crackled to life as Secretary Khrushchev proudly began to recount past accomplishments and boast of future scientific goals. Also exploring his mind she knew Khrushchev was open to planted thoughts. He was deliberating on how to celebrate the fortieth passing of a big. Hiya Vent Khrushchev finished turn and introduced the other. Two lag has Sergei Korolev head designer in the new space program then in clapped encouragingly as surrogate reluctantly came to stand beside him. Korolev was of special interest to Leeman chick he talked of leading the world in space exploration exploration and of successful tests of their new rockets which had already carried forelegs like herself to the edge of this rocks. Atmosphere excited Lee Mc now knew how she could escape the gravity well. She found herself trapped. In the large two-leg finished the address with an intense flurry of words intended tended to excite the crowd what has been accomplished around the world up to now. We'll be mere flea hop compared to what we will shortly do. Do it will be a symbol to the world of our scientific prowess he boasted. The crowd cheered respectively but Liman chick barked louder and for the briefest moment. Caught the judgmental I of both Khrushchev and core love before one of the two legs in the crown angrily angrily tried to silence her with a kick. What has been accomplished around the world up to now? We'll be mere flea hop compared to what we will shortly do. It will be a symbol to the world of our scientific prowess he boasted. The crowd cheered but Lima chick barked louder for the briefest moment. Caught the judgmental I of both Khrushchev and Korolev before one of the two legs in the crown angrily tried to silence her with a kick anticipating more physical violence directed her way. She ran but her idea had already been placed as seed in both men's minds now. All she needed to do was wait after that every day leman. She stopped at the Great Square to sit beside the tomb under the red wall before being shooed away by surly guards until one morning. Three two legs tried to lure her away with some scraps of food. Hey Oleg what about this one. The smallest of them yelled to his partners. Oleg Zenko carefully approached Leeman chick extending a hand with a scrap APP of chicken. He looked reckless into leman chicks. Dark Brown is Leeann chick dug into his mind saw his intentions then told him. She accepted his offer. Zenko turned to the others and announced this one has made it through the Moscow winter and has survived the wrath of the Kremlin guards guards. She is a survivor. She has the instinct we need. Bring her bring little. Girlie Leeman chick. Nick did not resist as they shoved her into a cage. Life for Leica. She was now called that by your trainers had improved dramatically romatically she no longer had to fight other forelegs for scraps begged for from two legs at the cafe. She had her own place to sleep and as much food. Who does she wanted like days now consisted of repetitive tasks? The two legs gave her to she had easily mastered them all on the first try but taking her cue from the other forelegs like ahead made enough mistakes so she did not stand out too much I they would make her weight in a tiny compartment for hours hours and sometimes days after the two legs put her in a box on the end of a large boom that spun around creating forces similar to the gravity which had ripped her from the sky. This was usually accompanied by loud and unnatural sounds that were piped into the cramped spinning capsule to two other forelegs Albena and Mosca trained along with her Albena had already flown onto rockets to the edge of space and like could sense the ghost nice to fear in her mind. Albena instinctively felt that the two legs were sending her to certain death in the dark void beyond the sky but for Leica the void Loyd was her home and she pined to go one day. All the two legs were very excited. Their first rocket had made it into orbit. Greatly greatly pleasing Secretary Khrushchev..

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