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A good up of Peterson had really nice fronts here that sells the events that we clean up that rush and you saw the Browns as you watch that game give very very creative with Kareem hunt coming off that suspension a bit where they use a lot of motions though it to get the bills defense moving he then opened up even bigger holes for Nick Chubb to be able to run it so I'll I'll die and they start blocking watch yeah he he blocked greatly like thirty yards rushing he had some key blocks for choppy really that he did and that is that is a you know that's a tough loss for the Buffalo Bills and that's the Browns who are now going to try and rally here following that victory is there an hour three and sixteen but you saw the impact the cream on and that's really has we've been employing area how many times we talked about this year with with with the Cleveland Browns and and their play colon and and Freddie kitchens is this get back to basics get back to what to find you a year ago run the football yeah pass off the run I don't care if you have Landry Beckham at the wide receiver position airing it out doesn't work so Nijem now it doesn't work it doesn't work for may feel is a lot of work or stills I understand a lot of great teams but if they get back to basics maybe they can surprise the people down the stretch here when you play good eight juice was talking a lot of smoke the whole game back in yeah into Miami but I love it's not about them it's about my Tina played great that's this record was busy posted pictures with his new girlfriend a lot I don't know that yeah Donna gave it a very attractive woman not during the I didn't know that Instagram model all where there is they say in the trade the millennials and influence maybe I should get into that twenty twenty yes some yeah really even a man man modeling that maybe you're right taz the moose modeling company hello just pass a thank you to ask your route I'm on my own and out of there you know on some benches and I'll do my side to everything what I understand no I am to expect out of me when I am the trust and I'm out of the struggle myself into Molly do not gonna bring you along now what would be good bring the pretty face two guys model and hello it might be a market for that there might be we might corner the market on that one might be the only guys in the market but this there might have my corner the market Pete Mike they could do their side modeling gigs too no chance yeah no need to see that now now I think we're good how well this feeling we talked a lot about the AFC north here in this segment right one more before we go to break his the Steeler fans gonna say what about us right they won four in a row there five and four on the year their win with Mason road off you look at making fits Patrick I was thinking about this last night is make it fits Patrick had an interception to seal the victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers people are saying look how good of a player fits Patrick is with a team that understands an organization understands how to use them any task he is a turnover machine all these whether it be he's he's already scored two defensive touchdowns out of Pittsburgh Steeler and then start the year with them as we now they gave up their first round draft choice or was say well they're gonna have a top five pick no more I mean there are five and fourteen right now Pittsburgh Steelers are gonna have a top five pick so put that out the window he is an unbelievable player and he is a game changer in that secondary the other thing is you have to give Mike Tomlin a hell of a lot of credit they they they've won four in a row they're relevant in the AFC wild card race once again there's no Antonio brown there's no Olivia bell there's no better Roethlisberger and that team is five point ways to win games every single week Tomblin is paid this might be one of the great coaching job that we've seen this year you might be up for coach of the year it's remarkable I complete John Rick Tomlin's dog I agree and you and I got to gets not a lot of credit is that DC Oct a Butler Keith Keith Butler yeah him letting him figure out how to use make if this passes the right way come from the dolphins what he has with his defense Joe Haydon doesn't get enough credit net defense yesterday tremendous to catch a can Hey what okay played excellent I mean they they you know they got a really good defense TJ water on the edge of their that really got a lot of good players on this team on his defense and a ball man they they play hard they're legit that difference about feels no joke yet it define the watchman they really are and I'd be concerned about the ram is a little bit I know they're out there five and four they when they go up against a tough defensive unit got off really struggles throwing the football and their offense of line troubled street really struggles and protection panels listen when the tie my NFC champion I had was the rams sign up the cowboys now I I thought was cowboys tums aren't is they give the cowboys well yeah east all right I thought I had them with it but you I thought the same thing and now my just handed me a piece of paper and yeah its the yeah I have the I. N. C. champ I have the ramp I have saints I the seeds you still might be OK I still might be OK although fourteen hours have been the best thing I know what we we there's no love at all on all run down for the forty nine would for none and they're they're the only undefeated team in the NFL how we really nailed it where I stopped eight five five two one.

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