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And then that would be arguing it for like if you like frozen lot because they have the entirety of let it go. They have like half of that. No man song. I don't know because I'm gonna vaunted Allegra. Well, I think actually I think frozen is a good fit for kingdom hearts. And so is tangled because those are frozen more southern kingdom hearts are sorry frozen more so than tangled as much as I don't like it because I think the world in frozen is a little more imaginative and fleshed out compared to care sakes, which kind of just takes place in our world with have the super cool city future. It was like San Francisco mashed up with Tokyo in a future cities. Go to say, maybe Simone tier point that the original kingdom hearts had a lot to do with like princesses and Hart show. There's a lot of like Princess element right of Republican or frozen. So I don't know. I think like it's impossible to tell I guess because we are older. Maybe this, you know, new installment could kind of rope in a bunch of younger kids who wanna get into the franchise. And honestly, I thought about that too of like this story line is so complicated. How can younger kids get involved in it? But at the same time, I looked back at me when I was ten or eleven and I played final fantasy eight the craziest game on the planet. And like, I think like if you are younger than you are just starting out with video games, especially any type of RPG. You just accept it shit. I feel like a lot of us. Now are just like what where did where did he come? Why is this like this? Whereas, you know, if you're younger you just silently nod and go through the whole game. Of course, this is how it all works. There's so many good song parody opportunities. So come on. I haven't do you wanna have Keebler laid. Here. I want. Question is I'm looking at when these movies came out, and like when kingdom hearts three was announced. And like no wonder this game is bad because it's been like a concept since two thousand six and like big hero six came out in two thousand fourteen tangled came out in twenty ten frozen came out in. I don't know when also in the twenty ten like, the this is a bunch of stuff that I mean, probably Disney had those ideas. But the the couldn't have had the final product. They couldn't have known. Yeah. I was going to ask you Allegra have you when you're playing through them like worlds that are, you know, featuring more recent Disney movies, and maybe worlds at are more classic ones or any parts of the game. Do they Visu ever visually feel inconsistent to you like one world might seem very, you know, you mentioned to me some of them. Very like PS two PS three. And then are there some other worlds that are way better? Well, rendered like, do you think you could sort of see I don't know sort of like, the figurative seems of when you know, such and such world was completed, and you know, square Unix or the studio stitching it together. I mean, I definitely think that like as you progress later into the game. It does seem like the world design overall, not just graphically, but in terms of actual level design, it feels more diverse and thoughtful because early on in like definitely like the first half of the levels worlds, feel kind of sparse comparatively and there aren't as many like be tailored or references or anything to of movies. Like, let's say like the monsters Inc. World, right? It's pretty much just a factory which monster kinda takes in the factory. Either is not a time that you can do there -sarily..

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