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In the morning With Day Williams and Amy Schade ride Good Morning vaccination Mega Center open for business shortly in Dallas today. That is good news for a lot of people who have been on the Dallas County Wait list they're having to do 2000 shots per day. Got to get through that category one B. So they can move on to whatever's next category, too. I guess the faculty of TCU still wants Congressman Roger Williams off the school's board of directors. But I shouldn't say the faculty. What is that? His thief? Fact the faculty. I don't know it. Yeah, this the fact we have. It's not the whole faculty. I mean, talking about everybody on the faculty at any rate. Good number of them. They want Roger Williams off the school board of directors, but they've changed their minds about Admitting it or being official about it. San Francisco continues to lead the cancel culture by planning to change the names of many public schools, including some names. You may be surprised one in particular. $15 an hour. That's what President Biden wants for minimum wage, and he's ordering it for federal workers. Experts are weighing in now, with what seems obvious to a lot of people, it would devastate small businesses, they say. And drive up unemployment. We will kick that around as well. It is 805. Let's get an update on the morning commute on this Thursday morning. Here's titled Alright, 20 westbound at 6 35. We have an accident moved over to the right shoulder, still causing some stop and go traffic from Beltline 35 W North bound and spur to 80 an accident blocking the right lane. This report is sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples has what you need like furniture, The latest tech products and organization solutions. All that amazing prices and now save up to $25 on select TurboTax software supplies at Staples in January, 30th while supplies last shop in store or pick up curbside at most stores and say big at staples with Kay alive right now, Traffic on the fives I'm Ty Hold Meteorologist Brad Barking, too powerful Pacific Storm system is producing flooding rains and up to 4 Ft. Of snow and that's just today in the Sierras, and we're going to get a little piece of it ourselves Saturday. Meanwhile, Sunny to partly cloudy only about 50 for the high Today.

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