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What goes in homeless Keeney bread? You really are a Saint. Well, I mean, I save eleven cents. I care about all my cooking. But really like how good is you Keeney bread. That's you know, that a homeless guy gets sure I mean, I don't know if he's not gonna complain is what I'm saying. Sure. I wouldn't even know there's a blood security vitamin A. He will think having heard this entry. So I grabbed a grade bags and ran back to the soup kitchen. But it turned out they had us the pre existing aches as you can eat bread. And now the homeless we're gonna get served grade bags whatever their morning Totta was right. The big the big big Lund raising breakfast with the governor the Lutheran breakfast burrito. Actually. Well, great, be eggs are eggs that would be used still in in food, but in like processed food or in in food manufacturing. They're not dodged touchy. No. But they are that maybe would. So as a f- was gonna put in a massive, hotel painful as Keaney bread. And I thought that's going to be that's got to be an indicated. For great. I think so I mean as an egg ages, the yolk becomes less distinct from the you know, it gets watery. I should've known you pronounce the Ellen yoke you'll. Soviet? It's not gonna say like normal person like normal folk. So and you can tell all this by candling, right, candling, isn't ancient process of holding up to a candle to see what's inside. And it's used to determine whether the eggs fertilized if you're trying to raise chickens, or if the eggs fertilized, if you're not trying to raise chickens since you already know or does this have to happen every egg that I eat at the store somebody has cancelled to make sure it's not a chicken. Well, it's not just that. I mean, they candle them to see if they are. A lot of different things. I mean, you want your eggs, a quality to quality control. That's right eggs are graded by their weight. So if you get a carton of extra large eggs, it isn't that the shells are that much bigger they typically are. But that those are the heavier eggs, so small eggs are light. And so they're dead, sir extent, they may not be that much bigger. But there's more is that because the yoke is bigger. Well, you know, the health of the chicken determines a lot about the constitution and health of eggs. And so it's health of chickens varies a lot by who is raising them. You know, chickens that egg-laying chickens are bred for that purpose and. Your regular chicken. Let's just say like, Jane chicken. Oh. And you know, we we made this mistake when we talked about the Mike the headless chicken. Oh, we heard about it. We heard about it a lot where we said that there were Roosters and chickens. Yeah. One of us that it's not and it's a rooster. Yeah. And people yelled at us on the internet, people are still yelling. And this is the thing future Ling's won't have to deal with because they're the only internet will be the omnibus neutron pulse will have taken care of all the peanut gallery, but in the old days before exit skeletons before invertebrates took over the galaxy people would yell at you. If you made even a simple error, but it is Roosters and hens a hand is female chicken, a hand female chicken chicken is the is the denominator of the species. So both hens and Roosters are chicken..

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