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The Yoga. It's Thursday April ninth and we're recapping. The ninth episode of Survivor Wins at war. This show is nothing but spoiler. So you've been warned on skates and joining us here by the toasty. Fire Task Hey we got the bearded one Trey Kerby. The international man of mystery ticket to the Max. Leila's friends Lillian last monopolies. Making the magic happen it's Gd L. O. There isn't here we are. What an episode. We got to break down here today on no bus. Well once again. Tackle this in chronological order. Sorta go through each scene but the key takeaway to me at least Leila's is the survivor. Heck's Adam Klein voted out of this game or at least voted to edge of extinction right. After Li SORTA was all in anatomy hated him. He loved them. But you were a Wendell guy. He gets booted. Then you're you know you're all Adam and he gets all my curses real where you're upset. You know what no no because he went out and devastating terms which I loved. I mean if he was going to go out. I wanted to get team to wear painful. And I know you're going to get to it that that that tribal council was some of the most gripping television. I have seen from the non sports world. That was just incredible stuff. I was just sweating after that. I did not think when we started watching survivor that I would be into it like that but it was just an amazing upside for me in my. I think is that five. We'd say four or five episodes in my survive career. That's the Bischoff ever seen no doubt converted into survivor tasks. Are you on board as well? Are you this invested in the show lease I love Adam Client? I might just quit no I. I didn't Love Adam Klein invested. I'm ready to go to the end. All right I love it guys okay. So we'll start with the first thing that we got in last night's episode. We're at night. Twenty one at this point. Wendell had just got voted out so we get them back at camp talking about it. I love when we get those nights scenes. Where they're they're a little shook. What just happened at Tribal Council Michelle in Nick are pissed? They are best for being left out of the vote. Nick says at one point I hate them to death. Show goes on like Chris. Berman on US and says these people are all like bumbling fumbling idiots I mean. Nick is just livid. He says he's ready for war. He loves blood. He wants revenge. Yeah they're fired up. What'd you think of that? I mean I loved it and you know as you said a twenty one year on the island and when you get back stabbed like that. It's not like playing poker. You know it's like okay. You're playing poker with your friends and your friend bluffs you in. You're you're out a couple of bucks or whatever but you know when you think that you have this this alliance or this friendship or whoever it was. That pulled the wool over his eyes. People take it so hard. And that's what makes it such a great game. It's just the human part of it at this point of the game really starts to come in and I also love when Nice people get very angry because I feel like nick and Michelle are both mild-mannered kind people. But you can tell. They're so heated here and it comes out in hilarious lines like Michelle saying bumbling idiots or saying they're all time you heard somebody call my momma calling me getting better seventy five. Yeah like Nichols. It appears to be almost has like like. Maybe it's just the rage coming through. But there's like sort of tears in his eyes he's sorta glossy eyed there when he's talking about getting revenge well. It was his birthday skis. Oh yeah yeah well. There's lots more on the birthday. I sure you have sort of overlooked nick as a peripheral player and Michelle to some degree and I think Tony Calls them. The Hyenas of the gap keeps on saying that you know we're the the lions and they're the hyenas and you guys on this show of always overlooked neck as just a guy who's just playing again. Michelle as well does the Knicks Anger. Michelle's anger elevate them in your mind. Are they players now? Nick no not really to me. I mean even within this episode talks a big game but I would argue. He really didn't do a whole lot. I mean I know he survives and he still there an adamant of going. I'm not sure where it was really Knicks. Doing all that much bullying other players show always show. I like her chances honestly and she picked up an advantage. Of course we'll get to that in this episode but Yeah I. I don't know nothing really changed for me with Nick. I like. They're all winners. So they're all amazing players but I don't see him taking the crown in this one. I don't know if he's he seems a bit lost to me Nick. He doesn't seem to know exactly who saw on. Who he he is. Not I mean he is not in control of this game. No right like there are other people calling the shots. And that's what's probably upsetting for a lot of these players especially because they're all winners and at some point we're likely leading their games direction votes and stuff and there are people in this this one. The winners were there. Like I'm not doing any like I don't know what's going on being lied to and I have no really say in the vote that's frustrating. That's what I'm noticing is. I'm remembering that. They have all won this before. They've obviously the game world but he. He just looks out of his depth right now like seems to be just flying by the seat of his pants at that model so get him a long way. I don't remember the specifics of his his his season. I mean I watched the whole thing. Obviously but I kind of remember him being like that on his season as well he was just sort of he was just sorta there and he was never really. I really considered him a threat and I was surprised when he won right up until the last tribal council as that's how I remember it anyway. Yeah I mean well last episode. Correct me if I'm wrong TRAE. You're thinking Adam looked like the possibility of a goat that you would take to the end. Maybe he'll be sitting there. Maybe the decision was made last night within the tribe that it's like no maybe. Let's make that nick right like and not. I mean maybe Tony's always talking you know lions versus Hyenas. Clearly he considers Nikko Hyena. But I also feel a little bit bad for nick and I think he kind of nailed it when they were talking at tribal council. He's like nobody's actually playing right now. They're playing like it's the first couple of seasons of the game where there's a humongous alliance and they're just picking people off from the lower number side one after one after one. The people on the bottom are trying to gain traction. Nick is trying to gain traction. Obviously Adam was talking to everybody like he has been the past couple of weeks but none of the players who are on top are willing to make a move against anybody else and You know it's IT'S A. It's an old school way of playing. I think which is pretty funny coming from all these winners talking about how we're a new school and the school people can't keep up. Nobody will give a name out. Nobody wants to vote. Nobody wants to be the person who suggests somebody because they're making a move. They're turning their focus right to you and you're right in the crosshairs so I mean Nick's Trion Adam is trying and it just doesn't matter because Jeremy Tony the big names right now have control of the game and everybody's kind of scared to flip on them. Yeah no but I. I agree with that what you said there. But also people that say oh. Everyone's afraid to play the game. These guys don't WanNa play. Well you're saying that because you're just being around all the damn discussions and so I get I mean yeah you know. Throw a Hail Mary here and try and stir things up. But there's a reason you're saying that they are playing the game they're just playing it not with you and this is not the way the game has been played for the past couple of seasons they are. They're go. This is this is so old school the man so I can see how would be frustrating at this point in the past. I don't know ten years at this point. In the game people would be flipping on each other on each other making big moves and it hasn't happened yet. That's coming. Yeah but they also have. The advantage of thirty nine seasons came before and as as what happened as soon as somebody's name like as you mentioned Sarah then they're gonNA gun for you and ultimately he got voted out right. I mean that's what happened. That's why none of these people at the top. I want to say a name because as soon as you gun for somebody. It's going to get back to them. And then you end up being the one targeted. Don't think that's a little bit annoying. Don't you player should be trying to make big moves rather than just waiting it out a hundred percent. But if there's eleven people left I if I'm in that top echelon I'm I'm going with the flow as as they've been doing. Yeah I get that. I just think that's an easy to have. Somebody say you're just riding coattails somebody needs to make a big move. We saw denise do it. She got a little bit of a resume going. They had a focus on her for about twenty minutes of an episode. And then that was it so I I. I don't know I would like to see somebody stabs somebody in the back. It is definitely coming. Obviously it's coming but but like what's actually play the game it's A. It's a little bit like they're just throwing all of this obfuscation. Trying to make it seem like everybody's getting voted out but every vote is a blowout. Yeah yeah no absolutely by the game. Eighties outlast is part of the game and and to stick with the majority. That is that is a legitimate strategy. I love watching just to interject. I Love Watching Jeremy. Play exactly that strategy of the eleven participants he probably said the fewest words. Yup as the edit goes in this episode he was laid back the most I think he had a a burn burn from that piece of wood and his back like he just didn't WanNA participate at all. He heard Whoa WHOA. We're voting off Sara. Whoa we're enough atom book like he was he was he was such passive player in this one and just just knew that he's got the good guy reputation..

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