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Well you think when do you think i mean maybe i mean maybe is ego would say yeah i can handle the trades but what what proof do we have the derek jeter canova and last but his his ego his hiring people is making all these decisions on who she was hampering is he's not fiery them he's asking someone else to fire them for him i would say that cheater is probably handling the baseball operation so he wouldn't need to talk to sampson because his business guys would be handling that was so he doesn't need interface with them he needs to learn this out of the business from some one that's already there knows organization mike he would probably be that guy if i were to argue that there is nothing sinister here at play if he's running baseball operations he doesn't need michael hill for anything like we need to get advice on the bad players that you've got an trades in the bad farms his mic i don't understand what might not advocating for the firing of the general manager of the marlins i'm confused by white is derek jeter would get a clean start everywhere else but there he there are a million different places where he needs help transitioning that's the weirdest place for me like they're a million different places getting to an office and sitting in a chair with your name on it like these got a million transitions in front of the least complicated to me would be that one but what does he know about brokering a trade especially one of the magnitude of a junk carlos santer but what does he know about anything that he's doing right now he was a bleeping short style i understand and that's a larger problem here a place he knows inaugurals advocate knows nothing and he ah wired himself ordered and fifteen thousand dollars this month.

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