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When we lost the game. Put it on me. I started the game for job. Pick six. Uh, the job's gonna fumble. Uh, get to know their dominant upfront, Uh, Pete after after care from the flat of the mark. He knows up enough film won a game. Jackson with four turnovers, most of a single game in his career. ESPN analysts Rob Ninkovich and Tim Hasselbeck. We know oftentimes Lamar Jackson is the fastest player on the field and twice such a dangerous ball, Carrie, but I thought the way Pittsburgh Really kind of matched his speed and then their physical nature in terms of where they were playing most of the time on Baltimore side of the football, I thought it was outstanding was a great effort, especially booty. When you point it out, I'll poorly. That offense played in the first half. There really kept minute. Better office burgers. Such a winner, Rob, I mean, this guy. Obviously a Hall of Famer is get that clutch Dean going back when he was a high school. He's a point guard the basketball team. Eric Ebron great edition for the Steeler team. I mentioned Juju had seven catches. Talk about Roethlisberger. I have a poor first half like that and down the stretch. Kind of manage a game to victory. Yeah, look, I mean, you watch Ben in this game the first half he was a little a little bit slow, didn't seem like he was warmed up until the second half second, half completely different quarterbacks, So I think when you watch this game that confidence that he has in his receiving corps, it's not just one guy. There's multiple weapons for him to throw the ball, too. And he also has a running back out of the backfield in Connor that he has a lot of trust in so When you watch him throw the football. He throws it with confidence, just like the one in the end zone towards the end of the game. There he pumped once knew where he was going with the ball throws it with confidence. And when you have a quarterback like Rafa's burger, you have confidence in all these games that are close. I like what I see for office Burger coming back from his elbow. He's just gaining confidence every single week. Steelers with their second seven no start in franchise history. The other was 1978 when they started 70 finished 14 and to winning the Super Bowl SportsCenter all night. ESPN radio the Steelers, the only unbeaten team, although there are a couple of teams that have only one loss again,.

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