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Right to prove my point, the opinions as sexual. We're not tinkerbell has the hots for Ray but did Peter Pan I. Mean I would tap tinkerbell no Peter Pans very polite about it. He's sexual dude. Telling you. Okay. Okay. Fine. Whatever right. So maybe You could bring the sexy to Peter Pan. Bringing the sexy to Peter Piano Make Peter Pan sexy right. Right. Why maybe if I ever wanted to get another world plate, maybe I will address up his pdf where leather vest or something. Right. Have your chest hair all hanging out. With green tights be like Harry Beast on your I'm Peter Pan. Right now, I think I'd do that like I said before my favorite one was the last girl. We did this cop Robert Thing where she was All right that was Kinda hot. Yeah. It was kind of fun sweet. Yeah. Let's get back to the flurries back to the first. So educate me please. All right. So I'm confused. I don't understand. Why people would want to do this why would you want to dress up as a cute little furry animal and go around and like the all gruesome sexy. This let's just be honest. Here's sexist. You're Kinda sweating after sex I imagined in a suit like bad. You'd really really be sweating. You'd be all gross and Massey and you're still hanging out Dan party like afterwards it's not. You're going in there tapping in leaving we you could I don't see why not actually do that would be route. That would be implanted can't just show up tap. Yeah. Get your rocks off in than that. That's not something you play company right? So. So you're walking there. You find another furry to like. Are you now now? Here's my next question. Do you know if the for your hooking up with like like? This is the other come across as very naive but I gotta ask ask. Some people wear their little things. You can't tell like if they're man or woman no idea I've honestly never been to one of these things..

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