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High cases. Remain high not. That's the new rules announced by premier gladys boy berra zicklin on friday kicked in from twelve. Oh one on. Monday morning so there in in effect right now. Here's a rundown according to news nine of what is happening. Greater sydney's lockdown will now be in place until the end of september at least so lockdown extended for another month. They did say however shell harbor in the central coast would be removed from the greater sydney definition to become rural areas. The lockdown in the rural areas of new south wales is due to end august twenty eighth but that could be extended depending on case numbers it will be extended almost guaranteed. So if there's any good news in here it is that it might end for the rural areas on the twenty eighth. But we'll see everyone across new south. Wales must now wear a mask outside of their homes except when exercising the rule. So if you step out into your backyard you have to wear a mask. That's correct for those exercising. A mask must be carried at all times so if you are exercising and the police come up to and you don't have a mask in your pocket or something you'll be in violation. That's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. Walking is exercise inc. That's correct so if you're just walking you don't have to wear a mask as long as you claim that it's exercising and they believe you. It is literally exercising. They don't have to believe me. It's exercise but walk for exercise to the judge lady. Curfews been introduced across twelve local government areas in greater sydney where corona virus cases are at their highest so they named the various different areas. People are not allowed to leave their homes in those areas between nine. pm and five a m. yes because cova d- tax worse at night. Exercise is limited people living in hot spot areas. Those spread across sydney south. West and western suburbs are limited to exercising outdoors for just one hour per day. That as a twenty three hour lockdown. That is what i had in jail. A prison lockdown is. What that is there is no doubt the south wales government has just put new south wales under prison. If i'm going to be on twenty three hour day lockdown. I want my meals brought to me. At least somebody did my cooking for me. Brought me the meals to twenty three hour day down here. You've got a cook your own meals but you're not really even allowed to go out and get food except i think they will still let you go to the grocery store but god knows what sort of regulations they have on that. And how will they know that if they see a personnel exercising. How will they know how long they've been out in harassing everyone. They see out gonna talk telling out they discover more infractions section on the police because it takes a lot of its cues from england or the united kingdom as well and they love their security camera so i imagine newsouth wells is covered in police accessible security camp. Well we know they're covering cops. There was a statement from the police chief for something last week that we played on the air where he was saying. Thousands of police would be in the streets setting up checkpoints and military. Didn't say oh the military's already been there. Yeah there too so Let's see so again. Limited to outside Exercise for just one hour per day a number of additional retailer yard time is what that's called. Oh and here's what the his barrage leeann who announced. This said this move was made as a small group of people were using exercise the wrong way in a bid to leave their home so locked down the entire state hotspot areas will have the one hour exercise restriction which was at least a dozen areas. A number of additional retailers have moved to click and collect only sets like their curbside. I think what they're calling that they include garden centers plant nurseries office supplies hardware and building supplies landscaping material supplies rural supplies and pet stores traits. People are allowed to shop in store where relevant these rules will apply for residents and businesses in the lga's of concern. Lga's are the local government areas. The ones that does in areas where it's supposed hotspots and what's one thing that i realized about the one hour of exercise a day. You can't go wherever you want like to exercise like you can't go out into a mountain. It's over half an hour away. They're not.

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