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By. Because i didn't want to come off block and i was thinking if he'd come up the block. I got an. I got him have a plan. I'm already just team saying five. Then i get to the end zone and dogan's out of nowhere so i'd never saw coming and never saw this coming. So what's happened incident. Lead sean and bobby indulgence get a free hit me. And that was the hottest ambition. My life ryan did and i just remember hitting the ground looking up seeing stars and not like of well. These four that sucks about the flag. At least you're thinking. Hey we tied. Ned is quarterback. So i think that is the plan field. She that that's just my luck throughout my career But hey We both laid it. Yeah he did. I never tell that part of the story to hurt himself. He hurt himself. He hit me so he not consulted. Bogue adam sick. It off came right back and algae kremplers standing over you. You big old tight end. And he's he's flicking at your hand trying to get you to come up and your hands moving like your debts and i'm like no. That's what i was counting the saw. So he he's telling me to get. I was trying to start. There was in scout. I mean i was just totally different space writing. No concussion protocol in concussion. Rules back out of out of that game he took. Hey i've got concussed by hitting the body and when you watch it for those who are gonna watch it. We'll put this. Maybe in the clip is that it's just the perfect body shot. It's not like this amazing collision at your head. It's not this. Oh my god like it's just it's so fast and he hits you so perfectly and you're right like beat is a tough guy. We get to know him a little bit. espn. I loved working with him but for him. He's not he's not having a great time after that. Hit either so that was a body set out to gave me a concussion for serve. No doubt okay. Speaking of Altercations there that one was a little bit more expected on the football field but we had garter johnson defensive back for the saints and then javon wims receiver for the bears. Go out now. If you back it up all the way Garter jots if you know a little bit more about him. I mean he's he's instigator and he rip the mouthpiece at a whims mouth and throat on the field and then it was like a series or two later were williams was doing waiting to get back at gartner johnson and he hit him in the head twice. Where i guess. Here's something i'd never quite understand and everybody does it. So i'm i'm on my own on this one people that get mad at football players hitting each other when they have helmets on a fight. Okay and you guys are mostly bad asses and you're also in your tuned up for three plus hours trying to protect your body. You're getting into physical collisions for three plus hours and in fights people don't go. Hey let me think here. i'm emotionally spent. I'm so upset. I hate this guy in front of me let me think through all of the different processes know you just punch the guy and wims clearly had been thinking about it the whole time so i almost feel like people don't apply what it would really be like to be out there when guys hit each other in the head with helmets on because you're just pissed off and you want to hit a guy like that's it. It's so complicated. You kinda lose your mind when you kinda lose it and it is a fight when she losing you lose it and sometimes on field guys. Thanks because you got uniforms that they can be disrespected. And and you just can't disrespect another man you gotta think that's another man. Hell you know another man in uniform. He got a man probably have family printing. Got more than buying us and in a lot of integrity you know for you know the big picture so that gets lost gets lost sometimes. Netted ch probably has multiple cases where all caging would've got. I won't say his name on the field. He'd yeah yeah heated words and it just got to intense and there was you know he's he said too much on. Saturday said too much my and you know much big. Amanda me i i. I can take him in a fight. I'll be honest. Like but you know i just think the level of spec needs to stay you know you could talk trash all day in enacting dishes much. I can take it but don't forget personal. You guys getting person to tell you to a different store so you're never going to name the guy because it was on. It feels good friend of mine. Yeah he's gone. We became good friends after that. It was that intense that we had to become trains. Really all right Leaving we yeah we going. Okay all right do you have a. Do you have a good fight story from a teammate. From a game that you remember. I got a really cool by started from around. We can't the carolina. Panthers that's always going to arrive with beats between atlanta and carolina and Kris jenkins visiting casseus. Like i say critics was respectful with his tries to break is dishonorable on or any in in a pleasure to one time. And you know. I just i just decided to run sixty-two toilet.

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