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Accountants and the ad council he agl named said it was that was a subs fred say more of california is rapidly plunging back into a drought with severe conditions now existing in santa barbara ventura and los angeles county's home to one fourth of the state's population the weekly report released today by the us drought monitor also shows forty four percent of the state is now considered to be in a moderate drought it's a dramatic jump from just last week when the figure was about thirteen percent a drought state of emergency as you know was lifted in california less than a year ago thanks to the reigning winter the forecast unfortunately though is dry for the next seven to ten days in the meantime state water officials are measuring the snow pack in the sierra where a third of our water originates we should get those numbers any moment now we are learning more about our police action in hayward this morning officers say a deputy with the alameda county sheriff's office shot at a driver of a stolen suv that rammed the officers mode motorcycle the driver ran off and now the neighborhood is surrounded with officers who have their guns drawn a shelter and places now underway for neighbors around west a street in arbor royal sunset high school is on lockdown as a precaution the officers reportedly okay it was fifteen years ago today that seven astronauts were killed on board space shuttle columbia three strict michelle mcgann licht well was returning home after a sixteen day research mission when the shuttle began to break apart as it reinterred her it burned up over texas causing ports of the shuttle to fall from the sky it was later found that tiles damaged during liftoff allowed atmospheric gases to penetrate the shuttle's weighing causing the.

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