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Pilots and being a pilot was considered a man's job but we ran out of men so our military created the wasp program that's women airforce service pilots and jane doyle was one i guess she's still is one welcomed frontlines of freedom jane thank you i'm still alive and i've been telling my story because i'd like people to know more about the last not too much was known about for quite a long time and just recently there's been quite a few things about that turns and about so i'm anxious to tell my story started by jack hancock on eighteen thirty eight that doesn't that roosevelt decided that we needed more pilots and so he's started the civilian pilot training program and that was for students in colleges and universities across the country started out and just three of the major universities and then it's even the smaller lines and in the summer of nineteen forty pink rapids community college which is now was grand rapids junior college at that time received the grant to have the program in the summer of nineteen forty i happen to be a student there and just before the end of my first year and i was in an engineering drawing classroom the instructor came in and told about the program to train pilots and so after the class was over i went and asked him about women pilots because at that time it was just mostly that men that were able to sign up and he said well that could be one woman probably nine men so i said well i'd like to apply for so i did and i passed physical and tune that program that some of nineteen forty so that some early head ground school had community college and that was in the morning and the afternoon flew out of the kent county airport and we had seventy hours a ground school terrorists ca it was now that's already at that time and so it was we had ground rules and regulations regarding pilots and vying and then in the afternoon we went out to the kent county airport and had are fine shop three different groups so there was ten men and myself and my group and there was ten and two other groups and i was at central air service which was on the one side of the interest can't county airport neither air show which was on the other side there were two other girls that had signed up and they were in that program at northern air service and for some reason they didn't pass the fight test so how was the only one finish that summer and get my private licence jane were you always interested in flying or is that something that just struck you as something interesting when you heard the opportunity well was something i was interested in what i heard the african d and i think maybe way back when i saw lindberg and when he came to grand rapids and long way car gone and i had heard about the different ma air hearten catherine cocker different ones and and so i thought maybe that sorta influence i really didn't think about as time just more that when i heard about the program i thought well that's something i'd like to try and do so i applied and and i did finish that summer when opportunity knocks and you answer the door nick things can happen and that's what happened you heard something cool this is colonel denny gillerman on frontlines of freedom and we're discussing women airforce service pilots with wasp jane doyle okay jane what exactly did wasps do we had to go through seven months training the same as the the cadets jacqueline kaku set up that program gener arnold before that name was jaclyn cock on she loved and they had both approached general us women that was in nineteen forty and in the lend lease program because vow had authorized mesa program and they had to supply planes for crab britain started out mostly as food and but then it was a aircraft also and so they needed pilots defied the pines for terry the plane from the factories to the outpatient which was up in canada the planes your phone and then pushed across the border to canada that they needed pilots and as cpt pro and they had trained several thousand men pilots but they were being drafted then but then said of manger after they've according to help applying for quite training and.

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