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But what about the issues of of arming someone at the luxury especially with the larger high school maybe having an armed guard or somebody that i were guards at the school someone said earlier i don't think i didn't know that yeah they they were armed guards there but you know a good works in looks like anybody else and uh we'll get thrown out and gives any hutus wave i can't shoots his way back in you know in the same thing happens in other industries you know how many tasks we heard uh a and other there's a term out there uh about people going postal and that term comes from uh a period of time when when people who were uh fired from the post office uh several of them uh when in went back into their bosses and started firing uh in several of them and now you know what happens in many instances around here that people gotten fired from jobs they've shown backup up there at their jobs for years back i got hired from his job with an accounting firm assode downtown he walked into his uh of former him a place of employment and started shooting people there uh member about duo bo must be about 25 years ago those a postal worker who was fired and he uh uh stole a plane he sold a small plane and was fly a flying it up and down the fort linked janelle here in south boston uh down by the south postal annex and um was pera rising uh down there turned out to be a a disgruntled former post off of postal worker so you know these things happen and the problem is is that they you know some of the kid like that he if he was if he went to that school that he knew the routines so he knew how to work around at people who worked in different company working different companies and so with so how do you.

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