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Mclovin you look puzzled now I'm down because in Philadelphia before last year, if feud said, I'll give you the Phillies flyers and Sixers all win the title this year or the eagles go, this euchre bowl, they would've voted eagles some towns. It's just about football. Got some people weighing in on Cam Newton hawk man. I'm a Cam Newton fan after yesterday's ordeal with Kelvin. Benjamin, I'd say this the year that Cam won the league MVP Panthers went fifteen in one went to the Super Bowl where was Kelvin Benjamin on. I r with a tornado c. l. that's what I would say to Benjamin. If I was Cam, Josh and California joins us on this topic, Josh. Hey, Dan, how's it going? Good, sir. So yeah, I just think we're giving him a little bit too much credit. I'm record veteran and used to being around, you know, alpha male type personalities where sometimes tempers flare. Sometimes they don't. And I just gotta say Cam Newton to me, I watched the video after listened to you guys talk about this morning. He walks up and it's kinda confrontational. It's like, hey, hey, what's up? You know. But at the same time, you know when when he puts his hands between his back or behind his back, it's that's not usually a sign that, hey, I'm not wanting to fight you. It's like, you know what I'm gonna act like I don't wanna fight you, but if something happens, I'm gonna be quite okay with it. So that's my take on it. I think we're giving Cantu much credit regardless of the, you know, Kelvin, Benjamin comments being right or wrong. It's too much credit for Cam. All righty. Well, thank you, Josh. If you have an opinion on this eight, seven, seven, three DP show. I love the body language. 'cause you're not quite sure what is being said. You different interpretation here to me. It's Cam walking up as you know what. We got a problem right here, but got my hands behind my back and I got a small face just in case people are watching here. Everything's cool, and I'm not going to be, you know, angry. I'm not gonna come after you and it's going to say, what's the problem? Yes, he before he put his hands behind his back though he stuck his hand out for the due to shake it and he didn't shake it. Yeah, that was a very aggressive gesture that handshake gesture. I've, I've been around a lot of aggressive people and very often they stick their hand out to shake it when they're challenging someone who will fight see, I saw what you did there, you're being sarcastic. What's being so Kennedy, you're being sarcastic there. That's kind of my personality sarcastic. Yeah, key magin the coverage today. If they got into a real fistfight man, there'd be nothing else spoken about. I think Cam had to approach him. Don't you after what Kelvin? Benjamin Wynn others cameras. Yes. Now under the tunnel? No. Well, that's how I would have done it. Yeah, but you can see Cam spot the camera and you can't spell camera without. AM. Yeah, never thought about home. Yeah. Let's take a break. We're back after this. Attention. The jocks have had enough. I'm gonna tell us spin it and I'm the leader of this revolution and I'm not sticking sports. So join me a revenge, the jock right here on podcast one, I'll cover a broad spectrum of what it means to be creative and activist, and just the guy trying to.

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