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Dot com today and schedule your free in home estimate. WTO at 5 ten, we've got money to use the ten and 40 past the hour. Let's get to Jeff clay bomb. There are still millions of unfilled jobs but the number of job openings did fall in January to about 10.8 million the labor departments as the number of Americans who voluntarily quit fell to fewer than 4 million. That's the lowest since May of 21. Salad chain chopped likes the D.C. area. It's opening at cabin John village in Potomac. It's 14th D.C. location. In fact, the first chopped outside of New York City. Opening D.C.'s pen quarter in 2007. Habitat for humanity houses in Virginia are starting to get solar power. The first just installed by Fokker habitat on a house in warrenton, a $500,000 grant from the American institute of architects could cover solar on 80 habitat houses in Virginia. The Dow finished the day down just 58 points. The S&P 500 up 6, the NASDAQ up 46, Jeff cable, double DT will be news. Money news sponsored by the leading doctors of Chesapeake urology. Cancer sideline you? Talk to Chesapeake. About getting screened. Who's at Chesapeake urology dot com or call? Two four zero three 8 four 38 80. Now in prince George's county, including national harbor. Coming up on double your TLP, Maryland and Virginia are battling harder than ever to convince the federal government to build a new FBI headquarters in their states. We'll get a live update from WTO peace John dolman, who was at a Maryland event today and will be covering the Virginia event tomorrow. It's 5 12. Wow. This Marilyn lottery 50 year scratch off has a $5 million top fries. Wait, what? 5 million? Yep. See? 5 mil. That can't be right. It is unusually big. I mean, one or 2 million, I get that, but 5 million? Come on. It's hard to believe. It's crazy is what it is. Crazy, good though. Believe it. The new 50 years scratch off really does have a $5 million top prize. The largest scratch off top prize in Maryland lottery

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