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Five years old You know his first. His first big movie star was written ten. It was jack warner staverton. He'd always said renton was my favorite star because he never asked for a raise nor complained about the food in the commissary. I've heard this was combined. This was an attempt by warner brothers to sell. Tickets fulfilled their contract with technicolor. And make money and critise at this. Point was as i in my biography of them. This was his general form in period where he was aching a film virtually every three months he was starting on new and between nineteen thirty. Two and nineteen thirty three. He made like fourteen movies. I mean it's repentiti because they needed to get the movies out into the theaters with new. There was a new movie playing like every every week or so. This was part of that but I think a lot of this though in dr x. They were making stuff up the the the notion of making a film. Even in the pre code era having to do with serial killing cannibalism This horrific makeup that they went to. I guess to max factor and i think purrs west more i tend to think he designed it but they use the factor resources because at that time the studio The studio makeup departments. Were not nearly as sophisticated as you would become and so you know the the whole synthetic flesh thing preston foster sitting there watching a human heart. In an abuser wobbling water. I mean all of this stuff. We look at these things now on a on a home screen and we're kind of like well you know that. That's that's pretty cool. That's pretty scary. But ninety years ago sitting in a darkened auditorium a darkened theater with a bunch of people. I mean this. This scared that. The people in a lot of ways. And i think in another way xanax wanted the comedic episodes in this to lieven the terror and goes there was a fine line in one reason. I think jack warner did not like horror films is he didn't want to offend people in more rural areas Unsophisticated audience and so forth. So they had to kind of make it funny where people would be frightened. And then they giggle a little bit. So i think that that that was kind of the the melding of two different styles. The warner brothers house style and and and getting on the horror bandwagon for only a short period. Because jack warner jack warner disliked two things any any movies about alcoholics because he thought alcoholic alcoholism was like a weakness and there was something wrong with you. And he didn't like these as a as a general rule let Jack warner could squeeze a nickel hard enough for the buffalo to fall over so you know that was the priority that hey thank you for listening to sifi..

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