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You this morning by the all new end on water street and it's to premiere theaters the riverbank and the snug theater once again from the shores of the saint clair river here's frank beckmann well anytime you are near the water on the east side of the metro detroit region you are you are under the auspices it seems of the mccomb county public works commissioner candace miller who never misses a chance to be somewhere near the water like we are this morning up here in marine city and candace miller who is with us last night for dinner and for a great showing of titanic is with us this morning as well good to see you frank and i i said this morning you don't wake up to you like this every day you're looking at this magnificent saint clair river here the freighters going by i mean it is fishermen are going like crazy on what they're catching out there wall i heard but it's going you're like are play by play announcer well you know what the the freshwater and pure michigan that's all of our dna's right every michiganian list remarkable worth the water street of course here in marine city this this new boutique hotel with the kinda millions were sold out before they were opened and last night we took in the the play titanic at at at one of the local theaters and and that is what is the centerpiece now of this town it's it's fascinating to see how they have taken this jewel right here on the on the river and and polished it up and said you know what we can make this ago and and i can see big things happening really telling you this has been sort of a sleepy burg here a beautiful beautiful little quaint town but every town needs a a couple like tom and kathy burton i mean detroit might have a gilbert and this town has the vert and family and they are it's it's unbelievable what's happening here is you say we're we're sitting here at the end on water street which is not hotel oh my gosh it is just it's as nice as a little boutique hotel you'd find anywhere in the world really food is great they get the kitchenette on the end here and it's the.

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