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Trick cones patriot homes. You can keep immune appreciator. I could play that on the job. I just basically. I'm for real. You did it. That's so fun modest yahoo. He did this and he asked me to be. I got really nervous there. At that thing. I would have rather recited the torah. Can you a little bit. No no no. I get confused. What's the talent and was the torah because is one of the first four books of the bible. That's probably i think that's talmud torah is something that's like old times. Are you chosen this. I did and i said chosen again. By jesus christ. I knew you were going to. Jesus christ on the jew for jesus and he's just sounds like a real giuffra earned those pamphlets burn. Yes i was the first place i love. We can talk about. We'll get into all of it. Where are you from rich. Rat rochelle rochelle but we were in chicago at the same time on the you were. You had figured it out. And i hadn't. I can't wait. Let's put a pin in okay. That's like you know how. Netflix action movies starring with a car. Chase don't know what's happening. Yes i'm the movies. Yes that's our little like that. That's a that's a. that's a scripture. Yes wheels screech. Yeah yup. Smoking mentioned kumail and john. Roy and all yeah no. That's good that's right. Well yeah there's little when you get him in and everybody knows there's no such thing as an inch evita and tarita. This was a mute. Music people liked that sound. Good my friend. My friend dwayne. I always love. He has a bit where he references. Dwayne kennedy oh yeah were a great bit and i always liked that. I knew he was referencing. I feel John and i hope you. Here's this is our scholar like he's our comedy like yeah like he's like this is what it all. This is everything that's happening here. Here's perspective ladder. Here's a first of all he's hilarious. Oh my god we did. We toured together if he. Yeah wow. that's a little confusing. They never they.

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