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Homes already damaged or destroyed. America is listening to me. This report is sponsored by Compassion International. Staying Connected Continues with 1061 FM TALK DHHS and Governor Cooper will provide a covert 19 update this afternoon. The state's positivity rate Tuesday jumped a 7.3% The presidential race tightening toe within the margin of error. Richard Stelling reports. The latest polls still show Joe Biden slightly ahead of President Trump in North Carolina in the final days leading up to the election. As a result, Trump is planning a return visit tomorrow. Campaign organizers say he will speak at a rally at the Fayetteville airport, the same place that he addressed a make America great again Rally on September 19th. It's Trump's ninth visit the state since September. Bias. President Mike Pence, campaigned in Greensboro in Wilmington yesterday. Time Richard's telling there has been a hit and run arrest in connection to a fatal crash in Burlington Police charged Salmon read with felony hit and run resulting in death. According to investigators. He was behind the wheel of a car Saturday that struck and killed a man as he attempted to cross North Church Street Tuesday, Acting on a tip. Police found the vehicle and took Reed into custody. A woman's facing charges for a deadly hit and run crash in Buncombe County Highway Patrol says a pedestrian was struck and killed while walking alongside Interstate 26 near exit 35 Tuesday morning. The driver reportedly fled the scene but was eventually taken into custody 70 year old Judith Ins or faces a charge of felony hit and run, resulting in serious injury or death. Police in Fayetteville are asking for help finding a woman who may have been abducted. The alleged incident happened Tuesday afternoon along person Street. Witnesses say they saw a man attempting to get a woman into his car. When she refused. They told police he assaulted her in forced her into the vehicle against her will. Cars described as a gold colored Buick century. Anyone with information is asked to contact Fayetteville police with continuing news updates from around the state. I'm Kyle Wilson..

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