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I was thumbing new vodka on canvas canvas Dan Grafton Street in Dublin city centre and he was getting a mixed reaction from loud people but the most rapturous reaction of all was largely from Young Chinese women our spotted him Leo Leo Leo. We love you and they mobbed him and of course he loved it. Massive fire horse. Aw and then at the end of two thumbs up and said vote for him and the reaction of ars creeping around you mean they're kind of enjoying the spectacle But it was notable that you know. This was the most positive reaction that I saw that morning. Were we're from foreign people. It's no wonder that Irish T.. Shock Leo Veronica has a bit of stardust. He's made or a name for himself on the world stage jogging with Canadian. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau very special connection person to person united in French taking his male partner to meet. US Vice President. Mike Pence we are after all God's children and helping and the stalemate over brexit except we may sometimes differ but we're bonded by our shared past on our shared kinship as he elitist political party into a general election this weekend that is likely to be dominated by domestic issues. Things aren't looking so rosy the latest opinion poll places Barack Figuel Party in third place behind its usual rival Fianna foil and second and we Shin Fain surging into the lead and from the Guardian. I'm initiative starter today. Focus could it all be over believe Veronica.

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