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After getting out of the hospital. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News. I went through it now they say. I'm immune President Trump rallying in Florida I could feel I I feel so power of our walk in walk in there. I kiss everyone that he told me once every Corona patient get the treatments he got while also touting vaccines as almost ready, But Johnson and Johnson is alternates clinical trial to investigate with the drug maker calls an unexplained illness from one of the people who got the shot. Johnson and Johnson CFO Joe Wolf just told Fox business. It should really reassure the public that all scientific, medical and ethical protocols are being followed to the utmost degree. AstraZeneca had lost its vaccine trial earlier when someone suffered severe neurological problems. Democratic nominee Joe Biden went to Ohio said the president is getting Maura reckless 250. 18,000 dead because of coverage. Experts saying, We're likely to lose another 200,000 people in the next few months unless we take some serious action, and he doesn't know what he's doing Election days in three weeks, But already more than 10.5 million Americans have voted Work. And this morning after long lines and early voting started in Georgia, Fox is Tanya J. Powers has more live. Hey, Dave. Some people showed up hours before voting locations even opened in Georgia just to cast their ballots. On the first day. Some waited in line for eight hours or more parking lots and on sidewalks. The first day also saw some glitches and check in computers in the Atlanta area, officials saying rebooting and re importing the voter information solve that problem. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that a record number of Georgia voters are expected to vote and more than 400,000 have already returned Absentee ballots stave Tanya in one hour Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrett returns to the capital for Q and a The 22. Senators on the Judiciary Committee.

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