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Question about next next my Such touch. a bad mood. What do you care? What else? Do you want to next question? I'm not going to answering questions. Look at the fear and intimidation in the eyes of Jay Bilas is I turn to him with the intention of asking you a bunch of pointed hard hitting questions, and you will be forced to answer them whether you want to or not, and here's the first you'll be doing the draft this year. And there's all this talk about all these players when we look back ten years from now which player in this draft. Will we say is the best in the NBA? I can't imagine it wouldn't be signed Williamson that he's such a different player. We've never seen his like before on a basketball court. Now that doesn't mean he's the best player you've ever seen. But he he's doing things that players haven't done in college before and it his size, his agility level is balanced. Like, you got a forty five inch vertical and he plays routinely above the rim. It's it with his head above the rim. Not just he plays above the rim. Look RJ. Barrett is going to be an all star player. John Marantz going to be an all star player. I think Jared Culver at Texas Tech is going to be a player at the next level. It's going to be worth watching. But but science the one the question I hear from people is exactly what his fifth. Is in the NBA. He's so dominant athletically that he dominates college kids. He won't be that level of dominant against NBA athletes, and he doesn't have a really obvious natural position. Is that a concern? No. Because he's he can do anything. You put them on the floor. They're going to have to match up with him. He's not going to have to match up with others. And you put them in open floor situations in the NBA, and when they can't load up on him like they can in college. He's going to do even more and he's going to become a better shooter. Like he's making standstill threes, but but you give him any space. He will get downhill on you and and get to the rack and finish. It. Let me give you the next one here because we're onto the Sweet Sixteen give me a team that no one is really talking about that you believe as a real shot to get to the final four. Perdue Purdue is is very very good. Carson Edwards is an outstanding score. He may be small, but he's legit average twenty four game during the regular season produce a very good offensive rebounding team. They don't get the credit. They deserve for for offense. Rebound in over the last month of the season. They've been a much better D. Defensive team as well. You know, produce ranked in the forties and all the analytics defensively something you can point out say they don't guard as well. They have in the last month or so I think mad painters done a fabulous job with this team. They don't have a bunch of household names. Carson Edwards should be household name. It was he and caches Winston. We're the only choices for big ten player of the year. Winston wound up getting it. But the fact that Purdue tied Michigan state for the big ten regular season championship should tell you something about how good this team is and how well coached I watched the big ten play every single night. Painter to me was the national coach of the year with everything they lost from that team last year to come back and have the season. They did speaking of coaches. Here's my tricky one. If coach K does something that no one expects him to do. And as he's cutting down the nets after winning the championship this year. Turn for the world and says I'm going out on top. I'm retiring who's the coach of Duke next year. I wouldn't I don't know who you'd want to have walked that plank. I think that's going to be the hardest act to follow in the history of college sports, and it's not just the winning. It's the winning on television. I mean coach K for the last thirty thirty five years has been one of the premier winners in the game. And he's done it on TV the whole time. And now with social media and the like he's bigger than he's ever been USA basketball. That's going to be a tough actor follow..

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