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I heard stories about the 90s. You went to the Montreal Comedy Festival and you leave with like a $750,000 holding deal by the time I went there were like you might get an agent. I was like, all right, I'll take it though. I remember that was like, um, I got to help us I worked on her show, but he's leaving with like their own pilot and their own like like like barking dog. Popular like this guy. This guy gave me talk to him and saw Brett Butler at Montreal and then it's like okay you're doing Grace Under Fire and and boy, she ruined a lot of our lives but where she was dead. Well tough in the sense that like Hitler was tough mean. Yeah. Yeah. She and I always say like a tenth funny is Roseanne, but three times mean and crazy damn to say it's uphill. Oh, wow. Oh shit that never I hear. She's it was a it was a it was a rough time for us. Yeah. God bless you. I hope she's doing better now Sam who was like whose your influences who were the comics that like you loved growing up and who who the ones you like now like career. I mean I could say the obvious choice cuz obviously I live prior Carlin Dangerfield was huge for me cuz he was just so like you couldn't look at him without laughing. So I love Dangerfield. I loved I loved ones that people wouldn't think I'll of searching Intelligent life. I love Lily Tomlin. I love I love that too man. That's true. I wouldn't think that with your comedy. That's too she just it's what's it's funny. Sometimes I remember watching a, and this the book returns mean he goes I bet you don't like her and I was.

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