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And a mother. When i became a man nearly fourteen years ago nobody was talking about what happened to the woman when she entered motherhood there was no conversations around how it changed her identity how it changed her relationships how it was the beginning of huge transformation and questioning in her life and it was more than a decade later that i finally began to find the answers to the questions i i felt when i became a month and the answer was metron. Essence metron essence is the complete transformation and identity shift of a woman as she moves through motherhood psychological social emotional physical economic cultural and spiritual in other words these a rite of passage and a huge change in who we are get. We have forgotten to acknowledge and we have ignored the too long. I've laid metron. Sciences role is to awaken us as a collective and individual to all of the false truths we have been taught about being a mother and a woman and ask us to redefine this ourselves. I noticed when i first became a mom. I split into. I was who i used to bay and a mother and this podcast is dedicated to helping you understand your own in a split. Your own metron. Essence bring you interviews with the world's leading motherhood and womanhood experts as well as mama's themselves who are also trying to redefine this in their own way so.

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