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Mcdonald, Roseanne Barr, Louis Ck discussed on 24 Hour News


Five fifty three. Comedian nor McDonald says Louis C K and Roseanne Barr bonded over their careers. Taking a downturn. This year McDonald also tells the Hollywood reporter, quote, I'm happy the me too. Movement has slowed down a little bit McDonald things TV host Chris Hardwick who was accused of sexual assault and emotional abuse by his ex God as he put it the blunt end of the stick as for Louis, C, K and Roseanne. Mcdonald's says he urged Louis CK to call Roseanne and says that the two at a good conversation wins news time five fifty four Iran's nuclear chief says he hopes the nuclear deal between Theron and the world powers survives despite the Trump administration pulling out and Ali Akbar. Soleil. He'd also told the Associated Press that if the deal falls apart Iran will react in stages. We have to go back, and we stop the new withdraw from the nuclear deal. We sit do not go back to where we would before we will be standing on a much much higher position. He also says consequences. We'll be harsh if there are any new attacks targeting a Ron's nuclear scientists. A string of bombings blamed on Israel targeted. Scientists beginning in twenty ten it is seventy four degrees. Now, cloudy in New York. We are going down to sixty nine and midtown. We could see a shower or thunderstorm. Pop up tonight wins news time five fifty five. Phil Simms and numerous is no the importance of being protected so investors Bank after them to talk business banking in their terms. After spending years is a.

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