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To you about Katrina. The shooting saying that the booming and perhaps making up for some of the losses in the European North American market, but they shed this morning opening up around one point eight percent. So I think most of the attention is coming into these comments. They say out to the APS within two years, which is very positive full Publicis and looking into the industry groups on the stock six hundred banks up top in terms of the outperformance closely followed by media, I'm publicity's part of that. But also the Vendee so a couple of things to talk about here, we've got the cool to the sales gain. But also there's an annual meeting today where that's going to be some focus on activist investors. Yes. So this one of the companies has been big folks activism, but I think what the big thing from the reports that you mentioned if that the Universal Music Group is doing really really well. And the revenue be full the company full of Vendee was driven by that that department and they're looking to sell off of that unit at least and that could be expected to around ten billion dollars. A big would be big sell for them. So that could be key folks of the meeting state whether that will help them to possibly attract better bits full the unit the Stokes risen about twenty five cents since the they announced they were reviewing the oceans invasive music group, and I'm seeing the Hsieh's up around zero point six percents when it's not a huge gain. But again, they'll be able to focus in that meeting later as you said with the activists pressure. Yeah, let's finally talk about Daimler. What's the story there? If it's another negative emission cheating story fulltime and saying in a newspaper reports that there was a software in one of the Mercedes diesel models that the company allegedly removed and as investigations going on Donna has denied this. But we think some negative pressure chefs moaning down around huff percentage point continues the theme of emission teachings within industry. But again, the companies came to deny this report. So we'll wait and see. For the evidence comes out from that story. Thank you so much for joining us in the studio Joe eastern on Bloomberg stocks reporter with all stocks to watch. Now, let's turn to top stories starting with the US president saying the stock market would be five thousand to ten thousand points higher. If it weren't for the actions of the Federal Reserve, this is Donald Trump's latest attack on the central Bank. It comes as his two recent picks full the fed have come unto Phya. Several Republicans have now indicated full MMA pizza, executive Herman Cain may not be able to win confirmation in the Senate. And meanwhile, ahead of those comments from Trump European Central Bank president Mario Draghi took the rest at of weighing in on the hot debate over whether the president is undermining the independence of the Federal Reserve speaking to reporters at the IMF meetings in Washington druggy said on Saturday. He was quote, certainly worried about central Bank independence on especially in the most important jurisdiction in the world. Toning to trade today marks the start of Japan's first round of bilateral trade talks with President Trump's administration. Putting Isabel Reynolds has the story. From Tokyo, economy minister, Toshimitsu techie and US trade Representative lighthizer likely to discuss the scope of the Tokes at them meeting in Washington on Monday and Tuesday access to Japan's market is likely to be on the agenda, but it remains to be seen whether the US will seek to cook. Japanese auto imports in Tokyo Isabella notes, Bloomberg daybreak Europe, just to note that by the way, we've already seen Japan actually outperforming in today's equity market session in Asia with the Nikkei closing high by one point four percent. The topics up by one point four percent. Generally, we've seen some risk in these Asian markets a little bit of weakness coming through in some of these Chinese stocks now, but we did see quite a positive reaction generally to China data that we had on Friday Asian equities picky up that battle on from what we saw in Friday's trading in European and. US equities. Now. Meanwhile, according to Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, the US is open to facing quote repercussions. If it doesn't live up to its site of a trade deal with China. This is the latest sign that the two sides edging closer to an accord to end the trade will Mnuchin says the US and China discussing whether to hold more in-person meetings to finalize the agreement and embrace it news, both Theresa May's government Ambyo position labor policy agree on at least one thing that talks represent the best chance of ending months of deadlock beds, while putting reports over the weekend spokesman for both sides said the discussions, which resume this week could deliver away out of what Labor's unday McDonald cold this long and awful process. David Livingston may deputy said the government believed to be possible to get the benefits of customs union, which later ones, but still have an independent trade policy. A key conservative damone, but full Matori lead in Duncan. Smith was unimpressed. He called him a to get Britain out of the at once and then quit in London. Robert Hutton, Bloomberg daybreak. Year cable trading up two tenths of a percent in today's session. So high slightly for a second day one thirty eighty seven now in corporate news this morning. The apple versus Qualcomm five week trial kicks off today in San Diego, California as Bloomberg's Ed Ludlow reports, the verdict could have big implications for the smartphone, giant and chipmaker. The jury has two issues to consider Qualcomm charges apple three percents royalties on the net price of every iphone sold in Britain. Apple gets access to crucial technology. The question is whether Qualcomm is abusing its dominant. Mulkey physician with Dimond, apple ended supplies have also been withholding payments to the chipmaker since two thousand seventeen. So the jury needs to decide whether apple os, Qualcomm, billions in damages for the missed payments. Apple's CEO Tim cook is expected to testify and talk Apple's business and his other technology partnerships. Qualcomm, see Steve Mullen Mollenkopf is also g to pay in San Francisco. Ed Ludlow, Bloomberg daybreak. Break europe. Those all your top stories now for the latest in global news. Here's Leon guarantee. Good morning, Nara. Look set to get a more or leaning government off to the social Democratic Party emerged as the windiest today in the tightest election in memory, boom, bugs eleo colas says voters rejecting years of steady deposited faces tough. And lengthy lengthy tools together a cabinet after the ultra nationalist Finns party emerged as the second. Biggest beating these conservative national coalition for the first time various coalitions on now possible in Helsinki. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. French president Emmanuel Macron will address the nation later attempts to Stanley full discontent Innovest protesters once again took to the streets over the weekend to vent frustration scrape the squeezy hunts smolt personal crawls on national TV PM till I would measures hill and acts following a national debate organized to allow the French to vent their grievances. You should see some tax cuts maybe an increase in pensions as well. As efforts to improve services and small town, France the question, of course, is whether it will be enough to satisfy the anger the yellow vests revealed in Paris, Gregory Suzy, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. The US is ready to apply new sanctions on Venezuela's leadership. Not according to secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who is calling nNcholas majority. Relinquish power. We've made clear that all options are on the table. And you watch you watch the political and diplomatic noose tightened around Medeiros debt. We will begin to.

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