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That, and the year after that, and that's Joey Votto. And we don't know. Right now. It's different if the universal D H sticks For Joey Votto. One down year is okay. He's going to bounce back too down years and then you hear Joey talk about the changes he's made. Okay, Let's give him a chance and see if that declined stuff because it wasn't a gradual decline, right? It was like he fell off the face of a mountain with with what he was doing. If you get to all of that, and we saw the struggles last year from Joey Votto, What do you do? Next season with with Joey Votto if you're trying to compete And make the playoffs and make a run next year. I think you gotta look at creating a rotation. Maybe not 50% split, but saying 162 game season maybe Joey played 110. Maybe place 100. Then you get moose sometime and first one guy I want to see it first base because I think it would open up some interesting possibilities for the Reds through the entire field. If this happens, I want to see Jesse Winker play some first base. Because the one knock on him defensively is his range. Don't need downrange. We play first base. He's got a solid glove and a decent arm. Otherwise, I think that he would be an interesting rotational option and then looking at maybe Tyler Stevenson playing some first I think they'll probably keep him a catcher, but You have. It's an option. You have options, and I think that they should look at kind of scaling back Joey's everyday usage because people look at the home run totals, and they say well, over the course of a full season that's up. But honestly, everything else was down, right? I think what's interesting right now, When you talk about Joey Votto's, he's come out and talked about. You know, if I feel like my plays declining, then I'll I'll step away. He was also very adamant that he didn't want to be benched last year. So you're still getting both of those things from Joey Votto to me? I question Okay. What? Castillo knows we're going to get a show. Go take a step forward. I feel like I'm in the same boat as I was at the beginning of last year of What I think of Nixon's L I don't think that question got answered. So when you take into all of that with this roster, and you also take in, I don't think a lot of teams are going to be buyers because the financial situation Going on with Covad. Last thing I got for you. How do you see next year playing out? Is this a Is this a play off team? Is this a team that could compete in the NL Central and make a playoff push? I believe so. Here's the reason why in 60 games the red's really had to, you know. Come back at the end of the season. They really had to get up a full head of steam in the last three weeks and basically not lose it all just to make the playoffs, But I think part of the reason that they did that If this was a full season, you're looking at a lineup that was getting a lot better show go in the month of September got on base 45% of the time. Exactly what we thought we were getting from him. Whenever he came over. He had that slow start when he didn't start opening day, right and and they wanted to platoon. Um and I'm like, give the guy every day playing time they did in September and he really flourished when they did, so I think that that's going to be a key for the Reds and leadoff spot. Plus, you look at Nixon's L coming back and being healthy, which I know what a question mark. It was a question mark this past season. It was a question mark last the year before, So they still have that question. But if you could get 140 games of Nixon's L you're going to get the statistics otherwise to come with its sight. I like their chances to return to the playoffs in 2021 Fantastic. I like the positive positivity, jefe car locked on reds pockets. What's easiest way to find the podcast? You confined it anywhere, including the I.

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