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Dishes by hand for eight hours on a Friday Saturday and Sunday night come home at two in the morning was sure nothing nothing the problem with the kids today thank god I saw an old saying that. I heard. there we go it's all over. hello my god but seriously the puddling when you don't talk like your parents is a chilling moment right it's very scary actually it does happen or not but in all seriousness there is a moment where you think to yourself you know the thing I loved about being poor growing up was you know we were we work so hard you know I mean I would have my working papers at fourteen and you know I started babysitting at eleven and you know it helps you know and and I always had to three jobs forget about it that's just how was I'm just telling you eight you I'm mark my words and I I'm not I'm not really trying to argue and I know you're a great mom Jason's a half thousand percent right thank you Jim but I'm it's not the same you're welcome you don't want Liam to have to have it as hard now let's assume I'm right the farm right that'll give Liam the rule to develop into the brilliant talented kid that god meant to be yeah but see if I let a more cardinal pushing it more okay I'm just telling you he won't do what you did and he won't do what I did it's not happening well take everything away I was not the greatest weapon I had the reason I never hit my kids with the belt the way my father kick the crap out of me and I will argue I deserved it every single time that this was not under her arm and it made me realize I better wake up but for me the was okay give me your phone give me your computer give me your stuff but when your room and do nothing never had him they would break well my daughter should be billed for it she would she find a way to you know make that sucker eleven see that's what that's what kids need they need a little bit more of that I remember doing that stuff going on right likes roller skating you know building you know Hey look you know the leaves Saxon jumping into them in the fall and now all these kids are playing minecraft and all these stupid I am when you think of the form selling out for a week in Los Angeles stuff to watch other people play for I'm not letting white watch other kids play games you want to live your life goal if you like to watch other people okay well the thing is is they learn how to be better themselves that's and they are so more of. did they want to do it actually my son who's really loves these games call duty fortnight easy tell me the next game is now involved in it's going to take him three years to learn yeah but he's a grown up it's different I'm not let my ten year old do that okay well I tell you and for when my my son figured out on Scooby doo on PlayStation either kill the master mind after I spent all weekend trying to fix it and even looked it up the cheats and I couldn't because we're having we do is we got to take a break boss you know so many different ways the cyber criminals are out there trying to steal.

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