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More or honor a lost love one and life or death Illinois dot com the Edens twenty two minutes from lake cook into the Kennedy junction I'll bonsai type Montrose to golf thirty nine minutes all the way up to lake cook road the Kennedy inbound heavy from mantra is all the way to the Hobart street channel forty three from here into downtown thirty one in from the junction express lanes gonna save you eight minutes at this time the Kennedy outbound slow north to Montrose enough and puts it around all the way to Harlem it's twenty six to Montrose forty seven out to the airport the Eisenhower tight north to the tri state Mannheim to Harlem and Cicero to the circle an hour and three minutes from three ninety into the old post office forty eight in from Mannheim flip trips going to cost you thirty six minutes to Mannheim fifty out to three ninety the Stevenson slow veterans memorial to route eighty three then it's tight Harlem into Pulaski and Michigan Avenue in the lake shore drive fifty four minutes from three fifty five the lake shore forty four in from the tri state the outbound side forty two minutes out to the veterans memorial tollway Dan Ryan ninety fifth into the circle thirty one minutes slow from purging to the burn and forty seventh street on it in the express lanes is where you're going to be hitting the brakes bishop for eighty ninety four the Ryan twenty one minutes lake shore drive looking pretty good just a couple minutes worth of July delays here and there and the tri state stop and go north on from southwest highway to the Hinsdale away says for personalized African man get the traffic Chicago approved by the mortgage experts of team Hochberg just search T. R. A. F. I. X. Chicago I'm Jan de salvo from the I. dot traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly really is a matter of life or death going to be mostly cloudy today we can't relax more scattered showers and thunderstorms a high near eighty four showers possible early tonight then partly cloudy with patchy.

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